Jalbum 8.5.1

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Jalbum lets you create and share stunning customized photo albums. Publish to yourname.jalbum.net or your own site. It's free.

News and Updates
  • Shorter start up time for users having many recent album projects listed
  • Newly installed skins are now automatically selected
  • Jalbum will now quit if users select to update Jalbum upon an update notification
  • Specifying -skinsDirectory on the command line now tells Jalbum to look for skins in that directory only
  • Jalbum's internal mp3 play list component "JPlayList" now made more convenient to work with.
  • New JAlbumUtilities class with convenience methods for skin developers
  • Installer software updated to "Advanced Installer 7.2.1"
Bug fixes
  • Jalbum could hang on start up (Caused by circular folder references. Now such situations are detected)
  • Skin user interfaces utilizing inner classes could hang the skin loading
  • Link text in the user interface sometimes had the link positioned incorrectly
  • Jalbum's skin developer convenience class StateMonitor triggered onChange events too often
  • Switching between album projects having the same image directory wouldn't visually update the current album project in the list

Program Information


Works on:
Windows, Linux, Mac

Product page: here

Download: Jalbum 8.5.1

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