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TreeSize Professional is a powerful and flexible harddisk space manager for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2003/2008 (32 or 64 Bit). Find out which folders are the largest on your drives and recover megabytes on your disks. TreeSize Professional shows you the size, allocated and wasted space, the number of files, 3D charts, the last access date, the file owner and permissions, the NTFS compression rate and much more information of several folders or drives you choose. It also lets you search drives, entire servers or the entire network for old, big, temporary and duplicate files.


TreeSize Professional has passed the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo test.
• Introduced new toolbar buttons "Back" and "Forward". You can use these buttons to navigate like in the Windows Explorer.
• In the directory edit field in the upper left corner of TreeSize Professional it is now possible to enter multiple paths at the same time by separating them using semicolons. Each of these paths may contain wildcards. Example: d:data;e:logfiles;h:user*
• Top 100 List: Added columns Creation Date (by default visible), Attributes, Version, Permissions (by default not visible)
• Added column "Full User Name" (by default visible) and "User Comment" (by default not visible) on the "Users" page. Use the column header context menu to adjust columns.
• The "Printed Report" and the lists printed using the "Print" button above the "Details" list now also contain the icons.
• Added possibility to export a subbranch of the scanned file system to the right click menu of every folder.
• Under "Tools > Options > Columns / Export" there is a new export type for CSV files now. This way CSV files can now be configured independently from the text export.
• You can now export the user settings to a file ("Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Settings") and import them later, or provide them to another instance or user of TreeSize Professional. You can also reset the user settings to the factory settings here.
• The drives panel is no longer blocking TreeSize Professional on startup for a while if an unreachable network path is included in the list.
• Introduced new menu "Edit" to the main menu. It provides similar features like the Windows Explorer "Edit" menu and includes: "Cut", "Copy", "Paste", "Select All" and "Invert Selection".
• F5 now only updates the "Details" list if the Details list is focused. Otherwise it will, like before, perform a rescan of the currently selected directory branch.
• Improved progress dialogs when printing or exporting. They showed a wrong progress sometimes.
• Added new command line option /OPTIONS to pass formerly exported user settings to the application. (Professional edition only)
• The new command line switch /APPENDTOFILES will make TreeSize Professional to always append its output to existing files when exporting a list in text format. (Professional edition only)
• In file names passed on the command line, e.g. for the Excel or XML export, now environment variables can be used. (Professional edition only)
• Charts: The colors assigned to the chart are now memorized for the next start. The context menu of the chart has an option to reset the colors to their default values.
• Charts: The bar and pie charts now also display Unicode characters.
• Charts: All charts can now be copied, saved or printed through their right click menu.
• Charts: Introduced new buttons in the toolbar of the "History" and "Age of Files" tab to (de)activate the gradient, patterns and hint marks.
• Charts: In the right click menu of the pie chart you can now define the threshold for items to be merged in the "Others" slice.
• Charts: You can now zoom the active chart by using the mouse wheel while the "Ctrl" key is pressed.
• Charts: Saving to a PNG file is now supported.
• Charts: You can now scroll the treemap by keeping the space bar pressed while dragging the treemap using the left mouse button, similar to imaging software (e.g. Photoshop).
• A new feature "Manage Scheduled Tasks" has been added to the "Tools" menu of the main application and the File Search. It allows to edit or manage previously created TreeSize tasks. (Professional edition only)
• Schedule TreeSize Tasks: Added "Execute this Task" to the right click menu of the "All Tasks" list and the box showing the current command line. (Professional edition only)
• Schedule TreeSize Tasks: Added the new functions "Activate Task" and "Deactivate Task" to the context menu of the "All Tasks" page. This state is now also shown by the icon of each task in the list. (Professional edition only)
• File Search: Use the new option "Tools > Schedule Current Search Options" to open the TreeSize Schedule Task dialog with the currently configured search settings. (Professional edition only)
• File Search - Duplicate Files Search: Introduced new "Deduplicate Checked" button on the right side of the file search window. This button replaces all checked duplicates with links to the same file. If the files are on the same partition, then all files will be hardlinks to the same content. If creation of a hardlink is not possible, a symbolic link is used under Windows Vista and later. If this is not possible too, a Windows shortcut will be created instead as fallback.
• File Search: Added column "Author" to the result lists which shows the author included in most MS Office files.
• File Search - Move Checked Files: We enhanced the option "Leave shortcut at original location", so that you can now decide to leave a (hard) link instead of a Windows shortcut.
• File Search - Move Checked Files: Introduced new option "Automatically rename existing files". If this option is activated, files will be automatically renamed if a file with the same name already exists in the destination.
• File Search - Move Checked Files: We introduced a new option "Preserve directory structure". This option is activated by default, because the directory structure was preserved in former versions of TreeSize Professional. You can now deactivate this option to move files directly to the chosen destination. Existing files located in the destination will be renamed (e.g.: "" -> "") if the option "Automatically rename existing files" is activated.
• File Search - Move Checked Files: When moving files from one drive to another, the creation date is now preserved.
• File Search - Custom Search: You can now search for folders by checking the "Directory" attribute on the "Size/Attributes" tab.
• File Search - Custom Search: You can now search for files and folders having the attribute for Reparse Points / Mountpoints set.
• File Search: The command line options /SIZEUNIT and /NOUNITS are now also supported in the File Search. (Professional edition only)
• File Search: The /FILTER command line option no longer sets the patterns for the temporary file search, it now sets the patterns of the custom file search and allows an easy file search for certain file types or patterns. (Professional edition only)
• Bugfix: In the right click menu the "Open" command for folders ("Open containing folder" for files) did not work on 64Bit Windows systems.
• Bugfix: File Search: When using the "Move Checked Files" function in combination with the "Preserve permissions of the original file" option, in rare cases an error could occur.
• Bugfix: When editing the scheduled time or day or trigger type (once, daily, weekly) of an existing task in the "Schedule TreeSize Task" dialog ("Tools > Schedule TreeSize Task"), this change was not stored.
• Bugfix: The command line option /TREEMAP was not working in combination with /NOGUI.
• Bugfix: When terminating a duplicate file search with MD5 checksums before it was finished, the result list could incorrectly include some entries that were not checked for equal file content.
• Many further enhancements and a few minor bug fixes have been incorporated.

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