VirtualDub 1.6.6

Posted on Tuesday, May 31 2005 @ 22:22 CEST by LSDsmurf

It's been a while, but 1.6.6 is now out the door. This release is solely a bug-fix release; the one option that was added addresses a compatibility issue with some hardware-based playback devices. Assuming that no major issues crop up this version will be promoted to stable in the next release with few or no changes; otherwise, I'll try again.
>br> Part of the reason for the delay was that I was also working on a 1.7.0 branch at the same time. Some of the changes that I did not want to put in 1.6.6 and probably won't put in 1.6.7 will go into this branch instead. The primary change that I am working on at the moment is rewriting the rendering engine; it's a monolithic mess right now and I'm trying to break it apart into stages so that it is more finely grained. Among the benefits of doing this are that it could be further multithreaded for better performance on 2-way and 4-way SMP machines, and also able to cover the latency of IPC between 32-bit and 64-bit processes, which is how I plan to have the 64-bit version use 32-bit filters and codecs. It will also make handling multiple sources and possibly multiple outputs easier, if I go down that route.
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