Sublime Text 20091023 Beta

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Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose. You'll love the slick user interface and extraordinary features.

  • Added Goto Symbol quick panel, bound to Ctrl+R
  • Improved rendering speed when there's a large number of selection regions
  • Changed default color scheme to 'Monokai Bright', with an orange selection highlight
  • Exposed two new configurable elements in the color schemes: 'selectionForeground' and 'brackets'.
  • Added syntax support for batch files
  • Default clickToScroll action is now 'text'
  • Turned brace matching on by default
  • When typing with multiple selections, the scrolling behavior is now more intuitive
  • 'new' command now takes the syntax file to use as an optional argument
  • softUndo/softRedo (Ctrl+U, Ctrl+Shift+U) now scroll the view to the selection in the same manner as undo/redo does
  • softUndo/softRedo commands now work as expected in conjunction with mouse based selections
  • Alt+M now works as expected in full screen mode
  • Fixed regression in C++ scopes
  • When detecting the syntax to use for a given file, the full file name is now also matched against the file names in the syntax definition, so that Makefiles etc are picked up
  • Fixed crash when calling getRegions() with an unknown key
  • API: Added onSelectionModified callback
  • API: Regions may now be added with flags to control how they're drawn, and to enable them to persist across sessions
  • API: Added extra flag for the select panel API, SELECT_PANEL_MONOSPACE_FONT
  • API: Exposed window handle to python

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