Xion 1.0.124 Beta

Posted on Monday, Oct 26 2009 @ 21:50 CET by

Xion Audio Player is an ultra light and easily skinnable Audio Player.

  • Fixed Window outline appearing when you show/hide taskbar button when you've minimized all windows - Thanks logokas!
  • Fixed loading of save_state data - Thanks djinn2!
  • Fixed anim_action_reset so that it correctly resets to a frame specified with startframe instead of to the first or the last frame in the set - Thanks Monkeez!
  • Fixed the inability to properly reset an animation of type 0. You can now reset type 0, 1 and 2 correctly
  • Fixed the playlist items from redrawing when they weren't visible in the active region - Thanks logokas!
  • Fixed Album art search so that wildcards work correctly and removed the search for any jpg, gif or png when no others are found. (AlbumArt search looks for folder, cover, front, AlbumArt and AlbumName(taken from tags) and searches for the jpg, gif and png files, including all variations of these names)
  • Improved the playlist search box to allow searching per word instead of as a literal string
  • Fixed the Playlist search box "Quick Search..." not registering correctly the first time it is initialized

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1.0.124 Beta
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