Sylpheed 3.0 Beta 1

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Sylpheed is a simple, lightweight but featureful, and easy-to-use e-mail client (mailer, MUA). Sylpheed runs on Unix-like systems such as Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. It also supports Windows.

  • Multi-threading was introduced. This will reduce the situation where user actions are blocked.
    (can be disabled by --disable-threads configure option)
  • Win32: network connection runs on another thread now to prevent blocking of the user interface.
  • Execution of external commands (such as bsfilter) on filtering will not block the user interface anymore.
  • The major part of IMAP protocol communication runs on another thread to prevent blocking of the user interface.
  • The query search is executed on another thread.
  • LibSylph is (almost) thread-safe now.
  • Summary caches are updated on the fly (on receive/move/copy/delete). This improves the performance of opening folders with many new messages.
  • Progress is displayed while scanning folders.
  • The user interface of address book was rewritten using the new API (GtkTreeView). This will reduce the glitches in the older versions.
  • Included Sylpheed FAQ (English) was updated.
  • Some bugfixes are made.

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3.0 Beta 1
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