Jalbum 8.5.3

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Jalbum lets you create and share stunning customized photo albums. Publish to yourname.jalbum.net or your own site. It's free.

News and Updates
  • Publishing from the command line now capable of creating missing directories on the server
  • Jalbum's image crop tool/filter is now more convenient to work with. Hold down SHIFT at any time to snap a region to the selected image ratio.
  • New image scalers and image processors (loading, scaling, filtering, saving) can now be plugged in.
  • Translating Jalbum's image filters is now easier
  • Better reporting if an album doesn't fit before publishing
  • New icons
  • Jalbum now processes a common.css file during album making
  • Renaming a project will also reset the remote destination folder. This in order to avoid publishing a new album on top of another.
  • When signing in, new account profiles are set up unless there are only non-jalbum accounts set up.
  • The generation of thumbnails can be switched off in the album engine.
Bug fixes
  • Publishing from the command line when passing a project file as parameter failed
  • Jalbum produced a "Do you want to save changes" dialog when the only change was "Make all" vs "Make changes"

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