Sylpheed 3.0 Beta 4

Posted on Thursday, Dec 17 2009 @ 23:15 CET by

Sylpheed is a simple, lightweight but featureful, and easy-to-use e-mail client (mailer, MUA). Sylpheed runs on Unix-like systems such as Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. It also supports Windows.

  • The folder icons were renewed.
  • The setup dialog on the first run became user-friendly.
  • 'Last 7 days' was added to the quick search options.
  • The number of matched messages is displayed at the side of quick search now.
  • Description is displayed on the quick search entry when it does not have focus.
  • Always show warning dialog when SSL certificate is expired.
  • The menu item to request disposition notification was added to the compose window.
  • The update check dialog will not be displayed if modal dialog exists or receiving of mail is active to prevent dialogs becoming uncontrollable.
  • The button order of folder selection dialog was modified.
  • Win32: the button order of close confirmation dialog of compose window was modified.

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3.0 Beta 4
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