NewsLeecher 4.0 beta 11

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NewsLeecher is a tool made for fetching and managing articles from the Usenet. It downloads Usenet articles in a snap, and uses it's inline engine to assemble and decode all the downloads. The powerful featureset and state-of-the-art user interface makes it an application "you simply can't live without" if you are a serious Usenet user. The current releases of NewsLeecher are mainly made binary files downloading, but we're working hard on extending NewsLeecher with full-blown text reader capabilities at the moment.


#: Note that this beta release makes a small change to the

cache file format. It is recommended that you make a backup

of your NewsLeecher data before installing.

+: Added a "Copy to Clipboard" function to the log window toolbar.

The function can be used to copy the visible part of the log

window contents to the clipboard.

*: The time it takes to add articles to the transfer queue, has,

in some extreme cases where the size of the transfer queue is

very very large, been reduced substatially.

*: Optimized one of the transfer queues disk cache files,

resulting in faster load / save time, and a ~10x reduction of

size of that specific cache file.

!: Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where the new article download

save system didn't always work as expected.

!: Fixed bug where all group headers would be re-fetched from the

server, if all locally stored group headers were manually

deleted from cache, using the "Delete from Cache" feature.

!: Fixed bug where temporary download files were not always

deleted like they were supposed to.

!: Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where downloaded articles

were sometimes (rarely) corrupted.

!: Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where a "Unknown Temp Folder"

dialog would sometimes popup when closing NewsLeecher.

!: Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where the 'Get Latest X Headers'

feature didn't work under certain circumstances.

!: Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where the thumb preview panel

didn't work properly.

!: Smaller fixes. (TAB flickering fixed, drop down combobox issue

fixed, etc.)

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4.0 beta 11
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