SView5 2.74

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Image Viewing and Processing Tool.


*** This is a preview release for the dynamic GUI
translation feature - so far only the main
application screen has been translated.
Consider making a donation to speed up things.
Will easily allow for spanish et al languages...

*** Feel free to send me translations for inclusion
with the program distribution. E.g. spanish,
portuguese, chinese, french, ...

- bumped year from 2009 to 2010 in program and files
- updated german .catalog with few more suitable terms
- dynamified and translated many more strings, replacing
redundant terms and phrases by unified ones while at it
- replacement of , , in catalog entries did not
work due to bogus ::String class method call; fixed at
first, but using different approach now anyway, which
also should be much faster
- added new toolbar entry (last one) which is equal to
the ISO 639-2 code (in uppercase) of the currently
selected language (e.g. "ENG" or "DEU") and opens the
general settings dialog when being clicked; allows to
easily change a mistakenly chosen language back to
something else without having to navigate through
unreadable menu entries
- in case a select language is not present or not present
anymore (for the to be translated window/dialog) a more
graceful fallback (to english) is triggered now
- improved guidance and error handling in the language
selection code of the settings dialog
- cleaned up initial ICC directory retrieval code

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