SecureCRT 6.5.1

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SecureCRT combines rock-solid terminal emulation with the strong encryption, data integrity, and authentication options of Secure Shell. SecureCRT provides secure remote access, file transfer, and data tunneling for everyone in your organization.


- Under Windows 7 and Vista, removed the prompt for making SecureCRT
the default Telnet application since many applications, such as
Internet Explorer 8, do not allow Telnet.

Bug fixes:

- If SecureCRT was in the process of closing and the close button
was pressed again, SecureCRT could crash.
- SecureCRT could crash when printing to an Adobe PDF printer using
pass-through printing.
- If the global options "Use trackable insertion caret" was set, the
cursor did not blink.
- If SecureCRT and SecureFX were integrated and the terminal or
file transfer protocol was changed to "None", the change was not
- In the Key Generation wizard, if a key was generated and then the
user clicked "Back", changed the size of the key, and answered
"Yes" to the prompt about regenerating the key, the key was not
- The menu was not expanded when the ALT+<up arrow> key was pressed.
- If a line of text that contained an end-of-line character was
copied and pasted, the end-of-line character was not included.
- If a URL contained international characters and the URL was opened
using "Open URL" or CTRL+<left click>, the URL was cut off before
the first international character.
- On Windows 7 and Vista, if a previous version of SecureCRT was
running prior to installation and the installation option
"Automatically close and attempt to restart applications" was
selected, the previous instance of SecureCRT was not closed and
could only be closed from the task manager.
- On Windows 7 and Vista with Aero enabled, if a custom menu was
used, the Close button on the main SecureCRT window appeared to
be disabled even though it was not.
- Serial: Disconnecting and reconnecting the physical RJ45 cable
connector caused SecureCRT to crash.

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