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Combines and improves features of Task Manager and System Information tools. It visually monitors (in text and graphical forms) different types of system information in any Windows system in real time..


 Add "Free RAM" Commands to Command Line. See "Help/Command Line Commands" for "fram" and "sfram".
Make TaskInfo not requir full Privileges and add button to restart with full privileges under Vista and Windows7.
Add Local Menu on all Information Lists in Dialogs: "Search Open Files", "Search Strings in Process", "Persistent Priority Settings" and some other.
Add to Local Menu on "All Open Connections", "All Open Files" and so on separate Menu Command to Show Properties/Search on WEB info about Files and Processes.
Add ToolDialog that shows all Handles opened by Process. See Processes Local Menu.
Show on Icon Graph in Systray Kernel CPU Usage Also (Red).
Add Column "integrity level" info of process under Vista/Win7.
Add to Process Status Column Info about Data Execution Protection Enabled Status ("DEP/DEP-ATL"). Have Sense for 32 bit processes only on 64 bit Vista or Win7. For 64 bit processes DEP always enabled.
Add to Process Status Column Info about Virtualization Enabled Status ("Vrt"). Have Sense for 32 bit processes only on 64 bit Vista or Win7.
Add to Process Status Column Info about Suspentded Status ("Susp").
Add Service Coloring according to Digital Signature State, Kernel, Win32 and so on.
Add Icons to Name column on Services TAB. No Any Icon for a long time means "Can not Find File".
Add option to make TaskInfo open maximized at first show.
Correct Panes sizes restore when TaskInfo window was maximized. And Minimize at Start Up set.
Add Color Box around Icon on Processes TAB to show Process Coloring while Process row is Selected.
Make killed process RED no metter if it is selected.
Add Options to Remember Selected Tabs in System and Selected Process Panes. Default is to Remember.
Add support for sorting by more than one column. Use latest sort column as primary, previous as secondary. Enabled for all Panes exept Processes Pane.
Add Searches for a list-view item that contains the specified characters pattern. Pattern is multiple characters received within a time-out interval, currently fixed at one second First or Selected Column used for Search. Select Row with Sell where characters pattern found at leftmost position.
Show only CPU and RAM in tray when swap file disabled.
Correct Buffer Overflow in "Search Open Files" Tool.

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