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avi.NET is a program designed to convert DVDs to AVIs. Although this is its main purpose, avi.NET will also allow you to convert MPEG-1 (VCD) and other MPEG-2 files like SVCD and HDTV to AVI. Movie media servers/devices and home DVD players supporting the playback of AVI movie formats are now commonplace. Most devices require specific player profiles to be used when making/encoding to AVI to allow proper playback, this has always been avi.NETs prime objective. Compared to DVD, AVI files can be of comparable quality, especially when viewed on a TV, at a fraction of the size. It is quite resonable to fit between three to six movies onto just one DVDR disk. This is great for backup purposes, allowing you to keep your originals in good condition. Watch a movie without all the time consuming menus and advertising to sit through which we unfortunately see more and more of on our original DVD movie disks. Please note: this site is NOT about breaching copyright laws or copying disks for illegal purposes.

  • Added direct '*.TS" support as an input file (kind of experimental).
  • Added closed caption support (will read in closed caption files created by index.NET).
  • Added some further options via right-click on preview namely: 'Force 4:3 input to 16:9','Force 16:9 input to 4:3', and three audio volume options (setting remembered between loads): MAX, LOW, MUTE.
  • Updated 'index.NET' which like before it with avi.NET, it has been completely re-written.
  • In doing the above, new code in index.NET has given rise to new code in avi.NET.
  • Altered feedback information and text of display window and tooltips to a more understandable and neater format.
  • Tweaked the subtitle and audio routines.
  • Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes.
  • Altered various 'check' and 'feedback' dialog routines.
  • Changed over to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 RC.
  • Various other little code clean-ups and changes.

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