DisplayFusion 3.1.8

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DisplayFusion will make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or more) experience smooth and painless. With DisplayFusion you can add a taskbar to every monitor that works and looks just like the Windows Taskbar. Or take advantage of advanced multi-monitor wallpaper support, Flickr integration for image searching and fully customizable window management hotkeys. These are just a few of the many things that DisplayFusion can do.

  • Changed: Added a “Don’t snap windows while ‘Shift’ is pressed” option
  • Changed: Added a “Pause wallpaper changes while on battery power” option
  • Changed: Added a new HotKey & TitleBar Button: “Toggle Window Always on Top”
  • Changed: Added a new HotKey & TitleBar Button: “Move window to monitor #X”
  • Changed: Added a new HotKey & TitleBar Button: “Move all windows to monitor #X”
  • Changed: Added a “Check for Beta Updates” option in the Settings window, on the Options tab
  • Changed: Added an “Automatically select the best image” option in the “Edit TitleBar Button” window
  • Changed: Added an “Image” column to the TitleBar Button tab in the Settings window to show the selected button image’s filename
  • Changed: Added a new Advanced Setting called “TitleBar Button Vertical Offset” for forcing the TitleBar Buttons position up/down
  • Changed: Vladstudio random image changer now chooses from all the images, not just the newest 100 images
  • Changed: Each HotKey in the HotKeys list in the Settings window now has a tooltip describing it’s actions
  • Changed: Improved taskbar button dragging
  • Changed: Wallpaper and Settings windows now open on the monitor the mouse cursor is currently on (instead of always opening on the primary monitor)
  • Changed: Wallpaper window now automatically re-sizes itself to fit on smaller resolution monitors (like netbooks)
  • Changed: Wallpaper window now has a “Copy settings from Monitor #x” in each monitor’s context menu
  • Changed: Wallpaper window now only prompts to apply settings when you have changed something
  • Changed: Wallpaper images can now be scaled by a certain percent to enlarge or shrink the image
  • Changed: Added new options for middle-clicking taskbar buttons on the DisplayFusion taskbars
  • Changed: Added 2 new Compatibility settings for disabling maximized window dragging and middle-click window moving
  • Changed: Added an “Edit” button to the TitleBar Buttons tab in the Settings window for editing existing buttons
  • Fixed: Taskbar compatibility improvements: Stardock DeskScapes, Stardock WindowBlinds, Winamp, Microsoft Office 2007/2010
  • Fixed: TitleBar Button compatibility improvements: Stardock DeskScapes, Stardock WindowBlinds, Trillian Astra, LogMeIn Hamachi, Google Chrome, Opera 10.50
  • Fixed: TitleBar Buttons no longer disappear when partially hidden by another window
  • Fixed: TitleBar Button glow effect is now much improved, no longer flickers (Windows 7, Vista)
  • Fixed: Taskbar buttons no longer show double ampersands
  • Fixed: Taskbar is correctly adjusted when another docked application is closed (no more gaps along the monitor edge)
  • Fixed: Taskbar performance improvements (reduced update latency, less blocks)
  • Fixed: Taskbar buttons for windows with a title text length of 0 are now displayed correctly
  • Fixed: Improved Windows version detection (now detects Windows Server 2008 R2 correctly)
  • Fixed: Taskbar colour is now almost perfect when Windows Aero translucency is disabled
  • Fixed: Sometimes TitleBar Button image would shift with custom theme
  • Fixed: When a taskbar is set to auto-hide, the taskbar is now shown when a taskbar button starts flashing
  • Fixed: A window is no longer restricted to the workspace size when specifying a value for width or height in a custom HotKey
  • Fixed: Taskbars are correctly refreshed when a program disables desktop composition for compatibility
  • Fixed: Log file has been moved into the temp folder and the old log is deleted

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