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Posted on Wednesday, July 06 2005 @ 21:18 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • IMPORTANT! All VMR7/9 settings have changed. If you have previously selected VMR7/9 as your video renderer, make sure to re-select.
  • IMPORTANT! Several key Microsoft features that involve the playback of WMV/WMA files have changed. It is required that you to re-install Windows Media Player 10. Even if you already have it installed or are not planning to use it as a player (Windows Media Player contains component that effect playback of all other players). You need at least version "" installed.
  • Zoom Player can now play WMV (Windows Media Video) DRM level 2000 content!
  • New Advanced Play List Control Interface in Zoom Player Professional. Can be opened by pressing "J" (Or the "Wand" button on the Play List Editor). This new interface opens up advanced search and management controls to the play list. Similar to WinAmp's jump dialog, but allowing multiple search queries, moving selected items to the top/bottom of the list, removing selected items from the list, etc...
  • The Play List Navigator has been enhanced to accept the Navigational Insert key to toggle selection of the currently highlighted play list entry. This ties into the above functions to allow you to re-order multiple items at once. The color used for file selection is selectable under "Advanced Options / OSD / Navigators".
  • New Magnetic Hard Docking functions (fnPLMagToggle, fnEQMagToggle) and Buttons on the Equalizer and Play List Editor. When activated, Zoom Player will try to make these interfaces always-docked onto the main user interface and auto-adjusting to remain on screen and retain position as the user interface is moved and resized.
    When either interface is magnetized, the standard snap-docking is disabled for that interface.
  • New functions "fnIncPreAmp" (Ctrl+Home) and "fnDecPreAmp" (Ctrl+End) allowing to Increase/Decrease the PreAmp volume.
  • The "fnPLItemUp" and "fnPLItemDown" functions which allow you to move items up and down within the Play List have now been assigned keyboard macros of "Alt+PgUp" and "Alt+PgDn". These functions have also been extended to update the Play List Navigator, so that you can now re-order items within the Play List using a remote.
  • Zoom Player now includes an integrated key editor allowing you to assign Zoom Player functions to any key or compatible Multimedia device (such as Multimedia keyboards and 4-Button Mice).
    You can edit the keys separately for either DVD or Media modes through the Advanced Options Key dialog by pressing the "Edit" button next to the custom key file selection.
    Pressing Edit with no key file specified will allow you to select a new file in which to save the updated key map.
  • New Station Navigator allowing you to navigator through Radio Stations.
  • With the Gracious help of Milenko Mitrovic, The Station Manager can now fetch the Top-500 SHOUTcast radio stations (Internet connection required) and let you add them to the Station Manager or play them directly.
  • New Button on the Station Editor allowing you to play a new station by appending the station to the play list instead of clearing the play list.
  • Zoom Player now supports playback of segmented MPEG2 Transport files (as in multiple files representing one video) as one file using the NVIDIA MultiSource DirectShow filter (shipping with ForceWare 4.xx).
    When the filter is specified as a source filter in Customized Media Playback (Options / Filter Control / Customized Media Playback), Zoom Player will try to automatically match additional file segments using the Zoom Player auto segment matching feature (Options / Values / Other) which can now use Regular Expressions (see below).
    This feature requires Zoom Player Professional.
  • Zoom Player now supports the PNG image format for Background Images, Folder images, Skinning Elements and the Internal Image Viewer (which now can also view Windows BMP files).
  • New "White Wash" Pattern (Shift+"P"). White Wash is a mechanism that allows you to wash out the burn-in effect of Plasma Televisions. Prolonged use of Plasma televisions can sometime burn a signal onto the screen if left on for too long. Popular examples of this is when watching a lot of the same TV Channel and having the Station's Logo burned into the screen.
    When enabling white-wash, a white bar will move very slowly across your screen (one pixel every 10 seconds) which over a few hours should wash away any of the burn-in effects.
  • New "Gradients" Pattern (Shift+"P"). Useful for seeing the color range of your display device.
  • Zoom Player now supports external Matroska Chapter files (".mtxchp" extension). The support is optional (Advanced Options / Settings / Playback) as doing file searches when opening files causes a slight slowdown (probably not noticeable, but it accumulates).
  • Zoom Player now supports CUE Chapter files (".cue" extension). The support is optional (Advanced Options / Settings / Playback) as doing file searches when opening files causes a slight slowdown (probably not noticeable, but it accumulates).
  • Zoom Player now supports internet based playlists. This should help some MMS streams which are linked to by an ASX file.
  • You can now specify different file names to be used for different skinning elements (such as Equalizer, Play List and On Screen Display).
  • New Enchancement to the Skinning code, allowing you to specify a negative group value to make sections of the skin only activate if the specified skin group is disabled.
  • 12 new Dynamic Skinning Variables allowing you to display TAG Information (ID3/APE/WMV/OGM/etc...) on the skin.

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