n-Track Studio 6.0.9 Beta Build 2560

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 23 2010 @ 21:29 CET by

Turn your PC into a multitrack music recording studio. The perfect tool for professional quality audio recording and editing:

* Record, edit, overdub your audio tracks
* apply effects, process audio live input and mix
* burn audio CDs or create mp3 files

MIDI faders preset for Behringer BCF2000 hardware control surface [New Features]
Support for MMC transport commands in Settings/MIDI Control box [New Feature]
Fixed rare noise burst caused by n-Track Drums [Bug Fix]
Fixed timeline mixer stripe showing incorrect clipped level in master level meter when deselecting all tracks [Bug Fix]
Fixed selecting track with left and right keyboard arrows doesn't scroll timeline vertically [Bug Fix]
Fixed mp3 conversion box sometimes opening behing mixdown box (mixdown box now closes before opening mp3 conversion box) [Bug Fix]
Fixed shortcuts working while editing text in MIDI faders box [Bug Fix]
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6.0.9 Beta Build 2560
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Download: n-Track Studio 6.0.9 Beta Build 2560

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