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PRTG Network Monitor is the powerful and comprehensive network monitoring solution from Paessler AG. It monitors your network using a whole range of technologies and assures the availability of network components and measures traffic and usage. PRTG saves costs by avoiding outages, optimizing connections, saving time and controlling service level agreements (SLAs)

* Overview: This update contains performance optimizations for large installations (>1000 sensors) as well as bugfixes
* New: Optimizations for large installations (thousands of sensors and more)
o On installations with thousands of sensors PRTG's Web GUI felt sluggish under certain conditions
o Thanks to various internal optimizations and an optional "speed mode" (see below) web pages can now be generated 5-50 times faster (compared to V7.3.2 or earlier)
o Our test installations with 10.000 and 20.000 sensors now deliver all web pages (except for sensor lists) in less than 1 second (down from 5-30 seconds)
* New "Speed mode" switch: When enabled (see System Settings|Webserver Settings) the following aspects of the software will change:
o Slower updates for the data displayed in the web interface: It can now take up to 60 seconds for a new sensor state (up/down) to be displayed in the web interface (alerts/notifications will still be sent instantly) (Web GUI und Windows GUI)
o Web GUI does not alert for new todos in the browser window (todo emails will still be sent instantly)
o Web GUI does not dispay the mini graphs for sensors and at the top of the window
o Web GUI does not show sensor-tree related menu items (devices by group, sensors by tag, sensors by type, sensors by group)
* New: "Security Context" for reports (security improvement for reports): You can now select a user account for each report that will be used when creating HTML and PDF reports. Reports will only contain objects (devices, sensors, etc.) which the selected user is allowed to view. By default it is the user who has initially created this report (administrators are able to change this setting).
* Changed: Improved memory handling when saving configuration (some users saw an out-of-memory error while the configuration was written to the disk)
* Bugfix: Removed a potential deadlock in the dependency processing
* Bugfix: For some users the PDF generator and config-check tool did not work due to spaces in pathnames
* Bugfix: Fixed a sporadic handle leak in Custom EXE sensors
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