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Jarte jär · 'tay noun (est. 2001) 1. A free word processor based on the Microsoft WordPad word processing engine built into Windows. 2. A fast starting, easy to use word processor that expands well beyond the WordPad feature set. 3. A small, portable word processor whose documents are fully compatible with Word and WordPad.

    New Features:
  • A optional Quick Bar feature has been added that provides instant access to a number of frequently used features.
  • In addition to left aligned tabs, Jarte's ruler now supports right, center, and decimal aligned tabs.
  • A new Stay on Top option has been added to the Options menu.
  • A global hot key can be defined for the Clip List menu. This makes it easy to access the Clip List while using programs other than Jarte.
  • A new Paste Board feature displays a special document tab that automatically records everything copied to the clipboard.
  • A new Line Guide feature displays a colored, translucent, moveable, horizontal bar that can be used to highlight a line of interest in a document.
  • Jarte's interface background pattern can be changed to one of the installed backgrounds, extra backgrounds provided on the Jarte web site, or to any custom background. Previously, this feature was exclusive to Jarte Plus.
  • Jarte's various color selection palettes now include a new row of color selection buttons to which the user can assign custom colors.
  • Jarte now supports the keyboard's Scroll Lock key. When Scroll Lock is enabled document scrolling can be performed using the up and down arrow keys. The Scroll Lock state is displayed in the status bar. This feature can be disabled.
  • Jarte will now automatically mirror the left and right page margins, and the header and footer lines, between odd and even pages when printing double-sided printouts.
  • If the "underline" font attribute is selected for the header/footer font then Jarte will draw a solid line across the printed page under the header line and above the footer line.
  • Jarte will now perform a descending order sort when the Sort feature is selected while pressing the Shift key.
  • Clicking the "Go to Top" button on the Find Bar while pressing the Shift key will now cause the text cursor to move to the bottom of the page instead of the top.
  • Pressing the Shift key while the mouse is positioned over a tab causes the full file path of the document to be displayed in Jarte's title bar.
  • The position of a table column can now be easily moved via the Edit Table window.
  • The Options menu on Jarte's Find Bar now includes "Insert Carriage Return" and "Insert Tab" items which make it easy to include those characters in the search text.
  • The status bar can now switched to a text based status bar. This may be preferred by users who use Jarte's Minimal Layout. Right click on the status bar and select "Use Text Status Bar".
  • Double clicking an empty area next to the tabs will now start a new document.
  • Many other small tweaks and enhancements have been added.
    New Jarte Plus Exclusive Features:
  • The buttons on the new Quick Bar are completely configurable in Jarte Plus.
  • Custom shortcut keys for Jarte's features can now be created. This includes the ability redefine or remove Jarte's factory defined shortcut keys.
  • A new split view mode allows two documents to be displayed simultaneously either side-by-side or one over the other.
  • File hyperlinks can now specify a "jump to" text target. When the file is opened via the hyperlink Jarte Plus will automatically scroll down to the first occurrence of the specified text target.
  • Project files are now supported. When Jarte Plus opens a project file it will automatically open the files pointed to by any file hyperlinks contained in the project file.
  • The status bar can now show a continuously updated word count. Right click on the status bar and select "Enable Word Counting".
  • Command line parameter "/PL" has been added to allow landscape printing from the command line.
  • A printable PDF manual is included with all Jarte Plus purchases. Previously, the PDF manual was only available with the purchase of the Jarte Plus CD.
    Bug Fixes:
  • The document title was not being included in the spooled print job when the Quick Print or the Print and Exit features were used.
  • The Recent Fonts submenu of the Fonts menu was not always being properly updated.
  • There were cases where Jarte was not automatically starting in screen reader mode even if a screen reader was already running.
  • Jarte 3.3 allowed hyperlinks to folders. That capability was inadvertently lost in Jarte 3.4, but it has now been restored.
  • If a backslash character was included in the "Line to show" field of the Insert Hyperlink window then the "Line to show" text was not properly formatted when inserted into the document.
  • The Smart Quotes menu item in the Options menu did not always properly reflect whether the Smart Quotes feature was currently enabled.
  • Files names containing the ampersand character were not properly displayed in the Tabs menu.
  • The Tabs menu was not being immediately updated to reflect the new file name when Save As was used to save a file under a different name.
  • Jarte allowed saving to read-only files when certain non-text changes were made to the document (e.g., setting bookmarks, changing print settings, etc).
  • Jarte did not always properly load the page margins and paper size from documents created with a word processor other than Jarte.
  • If the Minimal Layout was in use, and the alternate main menu was in use, and a plain text document was opened, the Paragraph menu items always appeared disabled from that point forward even if the user switched to a rich text document.
  • Other small fixes have been added.

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