Calibre 0.6.46

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

New Features
* EPUB Output: Use SVG for covers, to ensure cover image is correctly resized to fit available screen space
* Support for the Motorola Cliq and Milestone
* Fetch My Clippings from the Kindle
* Comic Input: Add option to disable conversion to grayscale (black and white)
* MOBI Output: Mark single section news downloads as newspapers so that they are automatically archived by the Kindle
* MOBI Output: Add option to control setting of document type to Personal Document
* SONY driver: Tags within [] do not translate into a category when sending books to device
* ebook-device: Add a test_file command
* Location support for PDF when fetching annotations from a Kindle

Bug Fixes
* CHM Input: Various fixes
Closes tickets: 5132 [External link] , 5141 [External link]
* Linux installer: Add mimetypes to .desktop files
Closes tickets: 5156 [External link]
* Fix function naming in bash completion script
Closes tickets: 5146 [External link]
* Fix the author of the metadata download plugins goes wrong after downloaded metadata for a book
Closes tickets: 5129 [External link]
* Popup an error message if a news download is aborted because of no active internet connection
* Add test button to regex builder to improve performance
* Fix loading of custom device interface plugins
* Fix extra spaces in MOBI author field with multiple authors
Closes tickets: 2279 [External link] , 4652 [External link] , 5162 [External link]
* Fix Kindle Topaz files with edited metadata won't index
Closes tickets: 5154 [External link]
* PDB output: Fix problem with links continuing through story
Closes tickets: 5149 [External link]
* Don't choke if the user provides an invalid remove header/footer regexp

New news sources
* MiDDay by calibre Periodicals
* Business Line by Dhiru
* New York Post by Darko Miletic
* Tulsa World by Darko Miletic
* Oil Price by Darko Miletic
* by Darko Miletic
* Peter Schiff's Economic Commentary by Darko Miletic
* IEEE Spectrum by Franco Venturi
* Washington Post by Kos Semonski
* The Sun by Chaz Ralph
* Fronda by Tomasz Dugosz
* Runa by Mori
* Times of India by Krittika Goyal

Improved news sources
* Various Serian and Polish newspapers
* New York Times Top Stories
* USA Today
* Daily Telegraph
* New York Times
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