jv16 PowerTools 2010 Beta 5

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The Ultimate System Cleaning and Error Fixing Utility Suite.


1. Redesigned user interface and highly improved user experience.
2. Two User Interface modes: Simple (default) and Advanced. The Simple GUI shows the user less options and features, the Advanced GUI shows everything, similar to PowerTools 2009.
3. New unified list component, all the tools now use the same, custom developed list component.
3a. All lists now support Filter Panel, just start typing to open the Filter Panel
3b. All lists have a List Control option in the Right-Click menu, the List Control allows you to do many basic tasks such as remove lines from the list and copy lines to the clipboard.
4. Home feature in the Main Window allows you to easily launch the most commonly used tools.
5. "Clean and fix my computer" feature that runs the Registry Cleaner, History/MRU Cleaner and File Cleaner all at the same time.
6. New, 6th generation registry cleaner engine. The entire engine has been redesigned with safety as the number one design goal, and speed as the secondary goal.
7. All the registry features now use a new faster registry access component, it makes many tools, such as the Registry Finder work faster.
7a. Improved 64 bit Registry support. For example, the Registry Info Tool will now show the information for both 32 bit and 64 bit registry views of 64 bit Windows.
8. Program Debug Tool. When you start the program, all buttons you haven't clicked will show with red font, after you have clicked them they will be shown with a green font. This allows you to see which features you have already tested, and the Program Debug Tool under the Main Window's Debug menu will also list all the non-tested features for you.
9. Beta Release Version system. With PT 2010, we can define if a product version is a Beta Release or not. As Beta1 is a Beta Release, the logging feature is always on and the Debug menu is always visible in the Main Window. To save a Debug Log, just go to the Debug menu in the Main Window and select "Save Debug Log".
10. Re-designed Message Logs. With PT 2009 the Message Logs were windows under the actual tool windows, now they are integrated to the tool windows.
11. Fully rewritten Registry Monitor and File Cleaner tools.
12. Dozens of smaller improvements: Open in RegEdit now highlights the registry entry as well, improved Printing feature, improved Tab graphics, new Preference Saving GUI, faster Duplicate File Finder, Tab Notification icons show if any tabs have non-default settings that can affect the way the tool works, Desktop and other user folders are no longer being skipped as "system directories" by file and directory searching tools such as the File Finder, New Right-Click menu system shows you what features work with selected (checked) items of the list and which work with the highlighted item(s).
13. Improved all around safety. Not only has the Registry Cleaner been fully re-designed with safety as the number one design goal, the PowerTools 2010 also contains a feature called Global Ignore List. Any search word in this list and all data matching to it will be automatically ignored by all tools. We can also send new lines to the Global Ignore List over the Internet. So even in the very unlikely event of a critical bug found from the product, we can issue a fast fix by sending a new Global Ignore List line to all PowerTools 2010 users.

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