Folderico 4.0 RC1

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Folderico is a nice little program that allows you to change the color and individual icons of folders right from the context menu. This is a versatile program and can be used in so many ways. For example you might denote all of your work folders with a red color to visually differentiate them from other folders, or you could change the icon of your downloads folder from a simple plain folder to one that, say, has a big green arrow on it. This is a convenient and easy to use program that does the job really well. It is easy to use and I especially like the fact that changed folders with Folderico retain the new icons when transferred to other computers.

+ Folderico save settings per-user.
+ Themes was moved to new folder (to make compatible with UAC).
* Removed function "Rebuild Icons cache";
* Added fashionable nowadays Aero-effect
* No support for Windows XP and Vista;
* Can not specify a hint for the folder;
* Icon is now used as an icon for the folder, and as a thumbnail;
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