jv16 PowerTools 2005

Posted on Monday, July 11 2005 @ 15:05 CEST by LSDsmurf


  • Added a new tool called Software Manager which combines the features of the Registry Manager's Installed Software list and the Add/Remove list. The Software Manager also contains the so called Custom Remove Software feature which was present in the jv16 PowerTools 1.4.1
  • Added a new tool called File Organizer allows you to organize hundreds of files to their own subdirectories.
  • Enhanced the Duplicate Finder in a way it can now also search for semi-duplicate files. You can define if you wish to find files with 100% identical contents as before, but also files with for example 90% identical contents. This feature was designed for finding duplicate files from movie, picture or music collections where the contents might not always be 100% identical.
  • Added a feature called Preference Saving to Registry Cleaner, Registry Finder, Registry Find and Replace, File Finder, File Cleaner and Duplicate Finder. The feature allows you to save your current settings and later quickly load them back, this helps you if you are doing many similar searches e.g. with the File Finder in a row.
  • The age and comment systems are now back in the jv16 PowerTools. The age system allows you to easily see which items have been added since you last used the program, the comment system allows you to write comments on each item.
  • Added support for registry key abbreviation. If you want, you can see the registry paths of e.g. the Registry Cleaner in their full form (e.g. "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows") in a compact form (e.g. "HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindows") or in a short form (e.g. "HKCUSoftMSoftWin".
  • All the main windows are now resizable
  • Added new simpler ways to remove files with the Automation Tool
  • Improved the text wrapping of the Main Window and its hints
  • Fixed a bug that could have caused the product to prompt for updating of the file cache every time you started the program
  • Fixed many memory leak problems, most in the Artificial Intelligence engine
  • Fixed a performance issue from the File Tool. It extracted the required information (e.g. the file dates or checksums) all over again for the same files, now it only extracts the required information once per file. This issue could have caused problems only if you were working with very large files.
  • Fixed a rather large bug from the File Cleaner which caused it not to find all the files the users wanted it to find. The problem affected only the finding of Unneeded files, all the other parts of the tool were working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug from the File Tool that caused it to calculate incorrect MD5 checksums. The calculated MD5 checksums were in fact CRC-32 checksums. The SHA1 calculations worked correctly.

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