aTunes 2.0.0

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aTunes is a full-featured audio player and manager, developed in Java programming language, so it can be executed on different platforms: Windows, Linux and Unix-like systems, ... Currently plays mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, mp4 and radio streaming, allowing users to easily edit tags, organize music and rip Audio CDs.

  • Support for libnotify (Gnome) (Patch by Marco Biscaro)
  • File chooser in tag dialog should open in directory of the audio file (feature request [2786730])
  • Three new look and feel skins (Dust, Dust Coffee and Twilight)
  • Avoid child nodes in album tree view in navigator
  • Use artist names comparator in device view
  • New command to start CD ripper
  • Start app and run commands if there is no more instances
  • New extended tool tip used in all navigation views
  • New options to execute commands before and after accessing repository
  • Added options in help menu to go to web site or wiki
  • New option to edit tags from folder name pattern
  • Show warning before clearing playlist (feature request [2786727])
  • Show warning if karaoke or normalization mode is enabled
  • Audio object properties panel enhancements
  • Added option to synchronize device with play list
  • Visual improvements in full screen mode
  • Font chooser for configuring the font settings
  • Option to add audio object to playlist after current audio object
  • Context panel redesign
  • Gui theme can be changed without restart
  • Allow repository load in background
  • Allow reordering of playlist tabs
  • Cover navigator window should be resizable
  • New lyric engine using (Patch by Taylor Tang)
  • New option to store repository configuration in a custom folder
  • Some navigation views share common columns as play list
  • Filter redesign
  • New window layouts available
  • Cache for audio file images
  • Allow jumping to the previous/next song in the playlist in the tag edit dialog
  • Use mp4 instead of flv for Youtube download
  • Added edition options to all text components
  • Highlight audio files with incomplete tags in navigator table (feature request [2383156])
  • Support for netbook-size windows (feature request [2807546])
  • New year view in navigator / read "date" tag field (Patch by Tobias Rapp)
  • Add date column for podcast feed entries in navigation table (Patch by Tobias Rapp)
  • Added translation to Catalan (thanks to perru002)
  • Basic support for plugins
  • INTERNAL: Avoid unnecessary refresh view operations
  • INTERNAL: Share actions between play list and navigation tree and table
  • INTERNAL: Refactoring of play list
  • INTERNAL: Update search indexes only if user is going to perform a search
  • INTERNAL: Don't update navigation table if it's not visible
  • INTERNAL: Statistics refactoring [2875945]
  • INTERNAL: Write repository to disk when closing application only if repository has been modified or refreshed
  • INTERNAL: Write favorites to disk when closing application only if favorites have been modified
  • INTERNAL: Write radio list to disk when closing application only if have been modified
  • INTERNAL: Write podcast list to disk when closing application only if have been modified
  • INTERNAL: Write playlist contents to disk when closing application only if have been modified
  • FIX: Deleting many files from device freezes aTunes gui for some seconds [2855962]
  • FIX: LyricWiki engine returned lyrics with URLs
  • FIX: Opening web browser does not work on Ubuntu
  • FIX: Validate repository content when loading it (patch from Laurent Cathala)
  • FIX: Podcast file renaming is not possible [2897134]
  • FIX: Progress bar should work for downloaded podcast entries
  • FIX: Progress bar improvements [2942626]
  • FIX: Normalization button causes multiple submissions to [2836230]
  • FIX: Ticks in progress bar not shown at start

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