mIRC 7.01 beta

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1. Changed the way fonts are set for editboxes in windows and in the
script editor. This should resolve issues for users who are seeing
the font change when they enter text.
2. Changed the foregound/background color correction feature so that it
no longer applies if a ^K background color is specified.
3. Fixed /filter gpf bug.
4. Fixed /fopen gpf bug.
5. Changed $input() icons default sound behaviour.
6. Fixed text display bug where last character was not entirely visible
in some situations with certain fonts.
7. Changed toolbar and switchbar to not display separators when
background picture is used.
8. Fixed timestamp bug where the timestamp was not being displayed if a
Unicode character was used in the format string.
9. Changed numeric 451 "You have not registered" message for the "CAP"
request to no longer be displayed when connecting to a server.
10. Fixed DDE support. Most applications, such as web browsers, can only
reply to ANSI DDE requests, so mIRC now sends DDE requests in ANSI
as opposed to Unicode. mIRC can now reply to both Unicode and ANSI
DDE requests.
11. Changed identd default behavior when choosing userid from email
address or identd userid field.
12. Fixed $ini()/loadbuf combination bug that was fixing/updating an
incorrectly formatted ini file even though it was only being read
by the script.
13. Changed /filter to allow output to the NUL device.
14. Fixed "End of /MOTD" message not being displayed in some cases.
15. Fixed /speak not working with older voices/engines.
16. Fixed /sockwrite -n and /write -a CRLF bugs.

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