Core Temp 0.99.6

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Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint program to monitor CPU temperature.

- Add: Support for new and upcoming Intel and AMD processors.
- Add: Better recognition of AMD dual/tri core unlocked CPUs.
- Add: Optional 24 hour display on G15 LCD.

- Fix: Platform field blank for newer AMD CPUs.
- Fix: Some K8 CPUs were unknown or recognized incorrectly.
- Fix: Overheat protection "Activate at specified temperature" problems were fixed.
- Fix: Overheat detection does not show a Balloon Tip when user specified temperature value is set.
- Fix: Temperature displays a negative value when core temperature reaches over TjMax (Intel).
- Fix: Intel W3500 series Xeons recognized with Core i7 model numbers (ie W3520 shown as Xeon 920)
- Fix: In certain cases Core 2 Duo T5500 was recognized as a T5450.
- Fix: G15 LCD display is no longer always-on-top after coming out of sleep or hibernation.
- Fix: G15 won't display 0.0000v in case VID readings are not supported by the CPU.
- Fix: In some cases, at Windows startup systemtray icons would not appear.

- Change: Windows XP SP2 or higher is now required.
- Change: Completely new processor frequency detection algorithm. (for Core 2 generation and newer only)
- Change: Remove "APICID" from main window as it has very little use.
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