The Bat! Professional 3.51.3 Beta

Posted on Sunday, July 17 2005 @ 15:42 CEST by LSDsmurf

UI: Possibility to extract single items for customizations
SMIME: Internal S/MIME implementation didn't honour KeyUsage and ExtKeyUsage certificate extensions
Subject text is jumping
Rich text viewer shows junk characters (blocks and "?"s) when charset is "none"
It is impossible to create Unicode (UTF-7, UTF-8 etc) messages
The setting of Protocol.INI should be configurable via GUI
On encrypted messagebase some filter actions doesn't work
Options in folder properties not used in VFs should be removed
Option "Check mailbox at startup" in Account properties should be named "Synchronise all folders at start-up"
Autoreply filter not storing sent replies in Sent folder
"Utilities" - "Insert quick template" not usable
Windows Editor: hyperlinks are not highlighted and can't be opened
Macro %ABFROMNAME is broken in NFS - it returns %ABTONAME value
"Browse Character Sets" panel strings not available for translation
Buttons "Edit/Delete" in Quick Templates dialog are always enabled even no QT exists
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3.51.3 Beta
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