Notepad++ 3.1

Posted on Monday, July 18 2005 @ 20:49 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Add Plugin capacity : an extension which inserts file path, date & time and closing xml/html tag comes with this release
  • Add Find In Files feature.
  • Set Current Working Directory according the current editing file.
  • Make visible the saved macros and user commands on the menu.
  • Fix some fonts non displayed in combobox bug.
  • Add bi-directional text editing feature (Ctrl+Alt+L for LTR ; Ctrl+Alt+R for RTL).
  • Add UI RTL (Right To Left) ability : You should update your arabic.xml, hebrew.xml or farsi.xml in order to exploit this feature.
  • Fix the saving problem for the files with hidden attribute.
  • Fix CSS pseudoclass keywords bug.
  • Add header and footer for printing.
  • Fix the bug that view changes while switch back the previous document (as "wrap text" feature is enable)
  • Multiple extensions for the same User Defined Language is allowed.
  • Fix the bug that notepad++ open a file twice because of sensitive case distinction for the file path.
  • Fix the bug for "Find in all opened document" crash problem under some systems.

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