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Posted on Tuesday, July 19 2005 @ 1:39 CEST by LSDsmurf

Gene6 FTP Server v3.6.0.23 - 18/Jul/2005

Admin : Progress bar in domain activity may not be displayed properly if a column is hidden.
Admin : In access rights, paths consisting of only a drive letter were not checked for existence.
Admin : An access violation could be raised when closing a window with the tag completion box open.
Admin : Windows may not be placed properly when using multiple screens.
Admin : Sort icon in listview may not be displayed on the right column.
Admin : Domain context menu should not appear when connected as a normal administrator (no action can be made anyway).
Server : Server was not using "root folder" value from the user class for users attached to a user class.
Server : Transferred files could not be deleted in event OnFileDownloaded and OnFileUploaded.
Server : Possible internal error caused by an uninitialized variable when the log filename rotates.
Server : SITE PSWD "old pass" "new pass" not working correctly with quotes for passwords containing space char.
g6_compression.dll : Zlib library updated to fix a potential memory buffer overflow (
g6_log_custom.dll : Commands may not be logged properly when a client is in UTF8 and non UTF8 characters are sent.
g6_fs_ftp.dll : An ftp:// resource may not be listed in its parent directory if a remote path is specified.
g6_fs_ftp.dll : An exception was written to the error log if the remote ftp server could not be reached.

Admin : User is now prompted for login and password if login is missing or password is not saved.
Server : MLSD/MLST commands now add the "size" fact for folders with a size different than 0.
Server : FXP is now disabled by default at account creation.
OpenSSL libeay32.dll, libssl32.dll updated to version 0.9.8.

Admin : Warning message displayed when trying to delete or rename current administration account.
Admin : Added a new column "Connection time" in domain activity.
Server : Added "OnClientLoginFailed" event.
Server : Added CCC command.
Server : Added CPSV command.

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