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Posted on Wednesday, July 20 2005 @ 14:38 CEST by LSDsmurf

phpBB Group announces the release of phpBB 2.0.17, the "no, we did not forget naming it last time" release. This release addresses several bugfixes and some low security issues as well as the recently seemingly wide-spread XSS issue (only affecting Internet Explorer).

Please have a look down this announcement for the code changes necessary to fix the XSS issue, we are again astounded about the energy people put into finding the smallest issue in phpBB 2.0.x, those must have a lot of time available. But on the other hand it is always increasing the products security since we do not introduce new features into the 2.0.x codebase.

With this announcement I want to give you some more information regarding phpBB's security. psoTFX (Paul S. Owen, Project Manager) initiated and brought forward the idea and concept of a complete security audit of the 2.0.x codebase. We introduced some top-notch security people, phpBB-Modders and very talented people from our teams to participate in this audit. We intend to implement the changes necessary - and also fixing the found issues, hopefully giving the now very aged codebase (it is still on a technical level from three years ago) a lift and bringing it up-to-date with security mechanisms and techniques which are common nowadays.

We also intend to open our private bugtracker system to the public for reporting 2.0.x bugs within the next days.

  • Added extra checks to the deletion code in privmsg.php - reported by party_fan
  • Fixed XSS issue in IE using the url BBCode
  • Fixed admin activation so that you must have administrator rights to activate accounts in this mode - reported by ieure
  • Fixed get_username returning wrong row for usernames beginning with numerics - reported by Ptirhiik
  • Pass username through phpbb_clean_username within validate_username function - AnthraX101
  • Fixed PHP error in message_die function
  • Fixed incorrect generation of {postrow.SEARCH_IMG} tag in viewtopic.php - reported by Double_J
  • Also fixed above issue in usercp_viewprofile.php
  • Fixed incorrect setting of user_level on pending members if a group is granted moderator rights - reported by halochat
  • Fixed ordering of forums on admin_ug_auth.php to be consistant with other pages
  • Correctly set username on posts when deleting a user from the admin panel
More info and code changes to fix the XSS issue without updating the entire packet can be found here.
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