EasyBCD 2.0.2

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EasyBCD is NeoSmart Technologies' multiple award-winning answer to taking control of your bootloader. EasyBCD extends and revamps the Windows Vista/Windows 7 BCD bootloader, and with EasyBCD, almost anything is possible. Setting up and configuring a dual-boot between Windows 7, Windows Vista, older versions of Windows such as XP & 2003, Linux, Ubuntu, BSD, and Mac OS X is a breeze. You just point & click and EasyBCD does the rest.

  • [EBCD-385] - EasyBCD will crash if an operation that it expected to take a long time finishes instantly
  • [EBCD-386] - EasyBCD crashes if you attempt to save entry settings with no entry selected
  • [EBCD-387] - Cannot add multiple WIM entries
  • [EBCD-388] - EasyBCD crashes if Segoe UI is corrupt
  • [EBCD-389] - EasyBCD options dialog crash on international computers that don't support mmddyyyy format
  • [EBCD-390] - EasyBCD crashes if an invalid path to a WinPE image is specified
  • [EBCD-391] - EasyBCD doesn't show actual DEP, SafeMode, Pae in Advanced Settings
  • [EBCD-392] - EasyBCD crashes if an invalid path to a VHD image is specified
  • [EBCD-394] - EasyBCD crashes if corrupt WinPE entry with no ramdisk is present
  • [EBCD-398] - EasyBCD crashes if adding a WinPE or VHD entry fails in the AddWindowsVista stage
  • [EBCD-399] - Crash removing NeoGrub immediately after adding it
  • [EBCD-402] - Crash if bcdedit output contains null character
  • [EBCD-404] - EasyBCD crashes if bcd timeout is greater than 10000
  • [EBCD-393] - Improved boot.ini partition detection
  • [EBCD-395] - Use BootGrabber to set active partition instead of relying on diskpart
  • [EBCD-397] - Try to get partition information from bootsector, not just partition ID
  • [EBCD-400] - Select correct disk for boot-partition related operations when editing external BCD
  • [EBCD-401] - Update GRLDR to 0.4.5b-2010-07-25
  • [EBCD-403] - Handle IO Exceptions in creation of NTLDR/EasyLDR
  • [EBCD-405] - Ignore exceptions when deleting stub loaders
  • [EBCD-396] - BootGrabber /setactive switch

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