WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.1.0

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Lets you build websites without any HTML knowledge.


- Fixed: Bug in radio button validation.
- Fixed: Unicode Property Inspector issue with compound properties.
- Fixed: Popup window problem in menubar.
- Fixed: DatePicker z-index problem.
- Improved: Slideshow images will be hidden during page load.
- Improved: Title and Alt attributes are now encoded.
- Improved: Added title attribute for slimbox in PhotoGallery.
- Improved: Added Rename (F2), Delete (Delete) and Copy/Paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V) keyboard shortcuts to the Object Manager.
- Improved: Locked object behavior.
- Improved: News viewer scripts optimized, max items now also works for RSS.
- Improved: The Target folder for file types (in Publish options) can now be a full url.
- New feature: Added margin property to SlideMenu Folder style.
- New feature: Added 'Initial value' property to DatePicker.
- New feature: Added 'Add this Guide to all pages' to guide context (right click) menu.
- New feature: Added default target property for 'Synchronize with Site Manager' option for TextMenu, Navigationbar and Menubar.
- New feature: Added Overflow to Page Properties so it can be set for each page individually. This replaces the global 'Always show vertical scrollbar to prevent shifting of the page layout' option.
- New feature: Added 'Import/Export' option to style manager. This makes it possible to import/export general and hyperlinks CSS styles!
- New feature: Added 'CC' and "BCC' options to form processor.
- New feature: Added 'Lightbox' type to the SlideShow. Yet another cool way to display your images through the SlideShow object!
- New feature: Added new option 'Save as Image' to Images, Shapes, ClipArt, TextArt and Merged Objects. This allows you to directly export the objects to an image.
- New feature: Added new color scheme 'Obsidian Theme (Black)' for a fresh new look of the user interface (Menu->Tools->Options->Misc).
- plus many other minor improvements.

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