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AnyDVD HD comes with same functionality as AnyDVD, but with additional features for full Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD support, including decryption of Blu-ray (BD+ and AACS) and HD DVD (AACS) movies. Allows you to watch movies over a digital display connection, without HDCP-compliant graphics card and without HDCP-compliant display. No need to buy an expensive monitor. Sweet!

- New: Added option to do an "aggressive scan" for drives.
It can be enabled, if drives are not found by AnyDVD. This can happen, if Windows is running in a virtual machine. USB sticks, cable boxes or modems might be detected by AnyDVD if this option is enabled, so don't enable it unless you have to. AnyDVD needs to be restarted for a change of this option to take effect.
* New: "Aggressive scan" and "aggressive I/O" settings are saved during trial
* New (Blu-ray): Added support for new BD+ protections
* New (Blu-ray): Updated decryption keys
- New (Blu-ray): Better support for CPUs without SSE2 instruction set
* Updated languages
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Download: AnyDVD HD beta

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