Calibre 0.7.16

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Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

New Features
  • Driver for the Kindle 3
  • Users can now customize what actions appear in the toolbar and context menus via Preferences->Interface->Toolbars
  • Draw a thin broder around the cover in the edit metadata dialog.

    Closes tickets: 6605

  • Create (almost) all temporary files in a subdirectory so as not to clutter up temp directory
  • FB2 Output: Add option to try to generate FB2 sections from the TOC. This may or may not work, depending on the file, so use with care.
  • Add an option to remove all tags from selected books in the bulk metadata editor.
  • Add a tweak to control how the dates in the Date column are formatted.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix regression in 0.7.15 that broke the Similar books action and the add books to library from device action

    Closes tickets: 6630 , 6576

  • Add ZIP and RAR to the input format order preferences.

    Closes tickets: 5879

  • Update podofo in all binary builds to 0.8.2. Should fix bug where setting metadata in some PDF files would cause file truncation.
  • Add/remove header wizard: When running on PDF input, replace non breaking spaces with normal spaces, since it is hard to write regexps to match non breaking spaces with the regex builder wizard.
  • Fix crash is user tries to switch libraries whiel a device is being detected

    Closes tickets: 6589

  • Title sort now ignores leading quite character. Only applies to newly added books.

    Closes tickets: 6594

  • Conversion pipeline: Don't fail if parsing extra css raises an exception. Instead just ignore it.
  • SONY driver: Use the tz field (available in newer readers) to set timestamps correctly, when available.
  • Shortening file paths: Handle the case of very long filenames with periods in them.

    Closes tickets: 6566

New news sources
  • The TMZ and Atlanta Journal Constitution by Tony Stegall
  • Consumerist and Gawker Media by Trickery
Improved news sources
  • National Review Online

Program Information

Tools and Utilities

Works on:
Windows, Mac, Linux

Product page: here

Download: Calibre 0.7.16

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