Reaper 3.671

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REAPER, an advanced multi-track audio production and recording environment for Windows and OS X.

  • MIDI editor:
    • smoother editing for swing grid handles
    • snap pitch/pan CC bars to center [demo]
    • don't create extra undo point when moving/copying events
    • fixed advancing cursor when step recording with swing grid enabled
    • fixed crash when double-clicking collapsed CC lane
    • fixed paste preserving position in measure in first partial measure of a media item
    • new theme color for octave grid line [demo]
    • update display immediately after event list context menu action
    • when a single CC event is dragged, display the actual event time/value in the lower right
  • FX:
    • adding FX via quick-add menu floats the FX window (if the user preference is to show the FX window at all)
    • double click a floating FX title bar to return the FX to the chain window [demo]
    • double-click empty space in the FX chain list (under the current inserted FX) to open the FX browser
    • fixed potential flood of FX automation messages
    • optionally show the current track FX in the FX button context menu, click to float/unfloat individual FX [demo]
    • when adding an FX chain, auto-float each FX window if the preference is set [demo]
  • OSX:
    • fixed a graphic glitch when updating track I/O window
    • fixed drawing behavior when tabbing through tracks to rename
    • fixed plug-in pin connector dialog not showing [+] button
    • fixed tiny font and odd alignment in track IO dialog, MIDI CC lanes
    • fixed too-large font on track meters
  • Action:
    • scroll view vertically (midi CC): prevent scrolling offscreen
    • split items at timeline grid affects offscreen items properly
    • toggle mute for track sends or receives 1-8
  • AU:
    • fixed occasional noise blast from plugins that can't handle anticipative processing (AUPeakLimiter)
    • better support for multi-output AUs (thanks, VSL)
  • Preferences:
    • moved volume/pan fader range settings to Appearance/VU Meters and Faders
    • preference to suppress splitting all items at the edit cursor if nothing is selected
  • Render:
    • added minimize button to minimize REAPER during renders
    • fixed rendered items sometimes being one sample too short with certain sample rate/buffer size settings
  • Takes:
    • actions to rotate take lanes forward or backward for selected items [demo]
    • copy/preserve take FX when new recording splits an existing media item (obeys preference to copy take FX on split)
    • internal changes to take processing
  • Theme support:
    • background images with yellow lines (outer-areas) now properly supported for track name, vol, pan labels, etc
    • better detection of theme changes (faster)
    • button images can now have pink lines for stretching
  • Tooltips:
    • action to toggle on/off tooltips for media items and envelopes [demo]
    • multi-line tooltips for envelopes, items, item fades
    • multi-line tooltips for track IO, ENV, FX buttons [demo]
  • Video/FFmpeg:
    • better audio seek mechanism
    • fixed duration on broken MPEG-1 files
  • Video/Windows:
    • added EVR output for Vista+ machines (improved video display when using Aero)
    • fixed hang when using REAPER over RDP
  • VST:
    • ensure "show VST folders" option is persistent
    • when VST folders enabled and VST names disabled, don't show path twice in FX button right-click menu
  • API: export Help_Set function (show help text in the area below the track panels)
  • Cues: fixed drawing of extra cues on unlooped items that are longer than the underlying media source
  • Envelopes: pan envelope lane slider direction is consistent in trim/read vs write modes [demo]
  • External editors: when passing a region to Sound Forge, round to the nearest sample
  • Grid: fixed actions to split at grid, move cursor left/right to nearest grid position
  • Grouped items: more consistent behavior when editing grouped item edges
  • Help: when modifier keys are down, show what action is about to occur when editing items and envelope points
  • Item crossfades: shift+alt drag moves the crossfade and stretches both items [demo]
  • Marquee: shift overrides snap when selecting items and time together [demo]
  • Media explorer: options for default action (insert media, preview media, do nothing)
  • Parameter modulation: smoother audio control signal modulation with very short attack/release
  • Playback: fixed play cursor positioning when starting near end of project/loop
  • Project parsing: less heap use when parsing projects (faster loading of large projects)
  • ReaEQ: Cockos VST extension support for manually editing envelope points [demo]
  • s/SVN/Git/: new revision IDs in about box
  • Undo: don't create extra undo point when control+drag copying media items
  • Undo/Save: safer behavior when loading media item state
  • Video: better peaks display when zoomed in on videos that use compressed audio
  • Video/QuickTime: added sample accurate seek when using Quicktime decoder
  • Windows: fix for waveOut latency going off after many hours

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