Rainlendar 2.8 BETA build 94

Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 @ 17:49 CEST by

Rainlendar is a customizable calendar application which stays out of your way but keeps all your important events and tasks always visible on your desktop.

o Deleting one instance from a recurring event in the month view didn't work. Fixed.
o Split the "Visible calendars" filter to "Included calendars" and "Excluded calendars"
o Task in a schedule view was opened with the event editor. Fixed.
o Added auto-completion to the category text edit.
o The category list is now sorted on Linux and Mac too.
o Retrying without proxy is done now also if the proxy can be connected but if fails to return any data.
o The date format strings are now filtered for illegal characters to prevent crashing.
o Added topmargin and bottommargin for the schedule items which can be used to add extra space to the event area.
o You can now define the height and duration of one time item in the day and week views.
o Outlook's all day event's day is chosen from noon instead from midnight to allow some time zone adjustment.
o If a window defines included calendars they are selected automatically when creating a new event or task.
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2.8 BETA build 94
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