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The Ultimate System Cleaning and Error Fixing Utility Suite.

* Bug fix: Clean and Fix My Computer will show the MRU group of items even if "MRU" has been added to the Ignore Words list.
* Bug fix: Duplicate File Finder can freeze in a way it never completes.
* Bug fix: The program can crash to Access Violation if closed right after using the Mass File Renamer.
* Bug fix: When starting the program for the very first time, the Quick Tutorial could start up behind another window instead showing on top.
* Bug fix: The Registry Cleaner cannot detect specific type of registry errors.
* Bug fix: If you run the Registry Information tool and close the program, a Privileged Instruction error message can show up.
* Bug fix: The Startup Manager doesn't list programs starting via a shortcut placed to the Start Menu's Startup folder.
* Bug fix: The File Cleaner can display duplicate data, that is, the same files more than once in the result list.
* Bug fix: Running the Registry Cleaner in aggressive mode can remove the contacts list of Windows Live Mail. (Note: Restoring the backup created by PowerTools restores the contacts. The issue only occurs with the aggressive scan modes, not with the default scan mode).
* Bug fix: If using the aggressive setting, the File Cleaner can display temp files to be safe to remove even if the files have just been created and/or modified.
* Bug fix: Running the Registry Cleaner can remove registry data relating to Skype, this causes Skype to perform a pseudo reinstall to add the data back to the registry.
* Bug fix: The pie charts of the Scan Report can show in incorrect size (too large).
* Bug fix: The program can sometimes crash to "TProgressBar property out of range" error message after clicking the Delete or Fix button.
* Bug fix: The program can count the number of items wrong if the list contains only a very few (under 10) items.
* Bug fix: If you maximize a tool window and then close it, the maximized status of the window is not remembered when the window is opened the next time.
* Bug fix: It sometimes takes two clicks to the maximize button in the top right corner of a tool window to maximize it.
* Bug fix: The Registry Cleaner doesn't always detect all the possible registry errors.
* Bug fix: The value of the date selector is not saved to a preference file, this occurs for example in th File Finder.
* Bug fix: The File Tool shows Last Modified and Created dates incorrectly.
* Bug fix: Scrolling long result lists up and down can cause graphical corruption of the list.
* Bug fix: The File Finder could show an error message and refuse to start even if the user has filled up a valid set of search options. The error message is: "The following information must be provided in order to start: * Correct size search settings, or uncheck the option to search by size."
* Bug fix: The program doesn't always load the previously saved width of the tool windows.
* Improvement: Registry Manager allows you to modify and delete the registry data relating to folders. Doing so will make it impossible to open any folders or My Computer icon by double clicking them. These items are no longer displayed by the Registry Manager for safety reasons.
* Improvement: Optimized the list control to handle better lists with 10000+ items.
* Improvement: Increased the performance (i.e. speed) of all the main tools but especially the File Finder.
* Improvement: The program is now more responsive during a long sort operation (that is, while the result list is being sorted)
* Improvement: When run in the Safe or the Default mode, the File Cleaner will not from now on remove incomplete downloads of common download managers or .torrent files, even if they are stored in a Temp directory.
* Improvement: When run in the Safe or the Default mode, the File Cleaner will not from now on remove version history data generated by Delphi 2010.
* Improvement: When run in the Safe or the Default mode, the File Cleaner will attempt to detect and skip cases where user is storing non-temp files under a temp folder, such as no jpg files are removed even if they are stored under C:TempPhotos
* Improvement: If user attempts to remove more than 1 GB of data with any file tool, an additional warning and confirmation will be shown before the operation is started.
* Improvement: If starting the program for the very first time in a non-English system the program could start by showing the message from the translation file. The message should be shown only if user clicks to use the translation, not if the translation is used automatically.
* Improvement: The Registry Compactor can now compact very small registry hives.
* Updated translations: Czech, Slovak, Traditional Chinese.
* New translations: Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish.
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