AkelPad 4.5.0

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AkelPad - is an open source editor for plain text. It is designed to be a small and fast.


Changed: plugin architecture. Update plugins.
Changed: improved many files opening (MDI/PMDI).
- Successfully tested working with 100 thousands files in PMDI mode.
- Maximum number of documents in MDI mode is 700. When one try to exceed this number, message appeared that indicates PMDI mode requirement.
Changed: restructured, optimized mechanism of work with code folding.
Changed: multi-line columnar paste.
Changed: "Save All" menu item is deactivated if no files are changed.
Changed: if automatically check "In selection" is enabled and selection is empty, previous direction is restored.
Changed: return alignment to left in the status bar.

Added: ability to set color and font style for the text inside fold. This means that multi-line comments now highlighted (Coder::CodeFold must be enabled).
Added: Czech language module (Frantisek Bartos).
Added: Hungarian language module (ZityiSoft).
Added: variables for "StatusUserFormat":
"%dc" - count of all documents (MDI/PMDI);
"%dm" - count of modified documents (MDI/PMDI);
"%ds" - count of unmodified documents (MDI/PMDI);
"%di" - active document index (MDI/PMDI);
"%cl" - current character letter.

Fixed: reopening a file in split windows.
Fixed: reopening group of files with option "Don't open a file twice".
Fixed: after opening main menu with mnemonic key next input character was ignored.
Fixed: when replacing with multi-line text, inserted new lines are not set to the current document value.
Fixed: activating program with mouse and "Watch file change".
Fixed: tabulation printed in color with color printing off.
Fixed: tabulation and wrap by symbols.
Fixed: position recovery of the first visible line if collapsed folds presented.
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