SecureCRT 6.6.1

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SecureCRT combines rock-solid terminal emulation with the strong encryption, broad range of authentication options, and data integrity of the Secure Shell protocol for secure network administration and end user access.


- MENU_RECEIVE_BINARY was removed from the Map Selected Key dialog's Menu Function list because it is not currently supported.
- Mac: Font smoothing is now on by default in new installations.
- Mac: When a button is deleted from a button bar, a confirmation prompt is now displayed.

Bug fixes:
- Toggling the chat window while a connection was being made could cause SecureCRT to crash.
- SecureCRT could crash after running for approximately 5000 hours or in less time if a large number of X/Y/Zmodem transfers were performed.
- If a session specified a line send delay and character send delay, the line send delay was also used as the character send delay.
- Mac: When a button or key was mapped to send a string that contained a pause (p), SecureCRT crashed.
- Mac: Pasting text into a local shell session could cause that session to stop responding.
- Mac: The desktop shortcut created by selecting "Make Alias" in the Connect dialog was not usable.
- Mac: If the milliseconds parameter (%t) was specified in the log file or custom log data, the milliseconds were always "000".
- Mac: In the Transfer menu, when the "Receive ASCII" menu item was selected, it was not updated with a check mark to indicate that it was receiving ASCII data.
- Windows: In order to display a single ampersand character (&) in the button bar, it was necessary to use four ampersand characters. This was inconsistent with versions prior to 6.5, which only required two ampersand characters.
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