Calibre 0.7.30

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

New Features
* Support for Acer Lumiread and PocketBook Pro 602
* When importing by ISBN also allow the specification of a file to be imported.
Closes tickets: 7400 [External link]
* E-mail sending: Email sends are now regular jobs that can be accessed from the jobs list. Also when sending using gmail/hotmail send at most one email every five minutes to avoid trigerring their spam controls. Failed sends are now retried one more time, automatically.
* Content server: When a category contains only one item, go directly to the book list instead of forcing the user to click on that one item
* E-mail sending: Allow unencrypted connections to SMTP relay
* Improve startup times for large libraries by caching the has_cover check
* Update windows binary build to use python 2.7
* Metadata and cover download plugins from Nicebooks (disabled by default)

Bug Fixes
* MOBI Input: Fix bug in cleanup regex that broke parsing of escaped XML declarations.
Closes tickets: 7585 [External link]
* Content server: Fix bug when user has custom categories/columns with non ascii names
Closes tickets: 7590 [External link]
* RTF Output: Handle non breaking spaces correctly
Closes tickets: 7668 [External link]
* Conversion pipeline: When rasterizing SVG images workaround incorrect handinlg of percentage height specifications in QSvgRenderer.
Closes tickets: 7598 [External link]
* News download: Update version of feedparser used to parse RSS feeds.
Closes tickets: 7674 [External link]
* Tag Browser: Allow user to restore hidden categories by a right click even is all categories have been hidden
* TXT/RTF Output: Handle XML processing instructions embedded in content correctly.
Closes tickets: 7644 [External link]
* MOBI Input: Workarounds for lack of nesting rules between block and inline tags
Closes tickets: 7618 [External link]
* E-book viewer: Load all hyphenation patterns to support multi-lingual books
* E-book viewer: Fix incorrect lang names being used in hyphenation
* Check to see that the result file from a conversion is not empty before adding it, protects against the case where the conversion process crashes and the GUI adds a zero byte file to the book record
* E-book viewer: More sophisticated algorithm to resize images to fit viewer window. Should preserve aspect ratio in more cases
* Remove unneccessary calls to set_path when creating book records. Speeds up record creation by about 30% on my system
* Speedup for bibtex catalog generation.
* Kobo driver: Fix missing table in deleting books process for Kobo WiFi and Kobo-O 1.8 Beta
* RTF Input: Preserve scene breaks in the form of empty paragraphs. Preprocessing: Improvements to chapter detection
* Fix custom recipe not sorted by title
Closes tickets: 7486 [External link]
* Kobo driver: Fix bug in managing the Im_Reading category on windows

New news sources
* Bangkok Biz News and Matichon by Anat Ruangrassamee
* The Workingham Times and Deutsche Welle by Darko Miletic
* Biz Portal by marbs
* Various Japanese news sources by Hiroshi Miura
* Arcamax by Starson17
* Various Spanish news sources by Gustavo Azambuja
* TSN by Nexus
* Zeit Online Premium by Steffen Siebert

Improved news sources
* El Pais - Uruguay
* Argentinian La Nacion
* Mingpao
* Revista Muy Intersante
* Telepolis
* New York Times
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