ComicRack 0.9.134

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Read your eComics the way you want: Fast navigation, auto scrolling, auto rotation, dynamic zooming, automatic page fitting, magnifier, manga mode, full screen reading, dual screen support, multi-tab interface.

New Features
* NEW: Command "Close all to the right" in tab context menu
* NEW: Nice animation for hiding/showing menus/toolbars (can be turned off by DisableMenuHideShowAnimation in ComicRack.ini)
* NEW: Out of the box support for the default Ghostscript 9.0 installer
* NEW: "QuickInfoHtml" and "QuickInfoUI" scripting hooks for adding custom panels to the Quick Open View

* CHANGE: Packages are sorted by type/name
* CHANGE: Scripts are now grouped by functional categories
* CHANGE: Option to define special actions for tap, double tap (if not defined uses mouse click definitions)
* CHANGE: Double Tap now defaults to "Toggle Zoom", Double Mouse Click to "Toggle Fullscreen"
* CHANGE: Removed Alt-Enter for "Toggle Fullscreen"
* CHANGE: Nicer single page pageturn animation
* CHANGE: Optimized Panel animations
* CHANGE: Better handling of thumbnail page curl for two page thumbnails
* CHANGE: Color of thumbnail page curls can now be changed (ThumbnailPageCurlColor setting in ComicRack.ini)
* CHANGE: Changed activation - simply reactivate if you've donated

* BUGFIX: Info dirty flag was not set to database entries if modify files was turned off
* BUGFIX: Behavior settings where not saved if preferences where switched to tab layout
* BUGFIX: Fixed navigation overlay hide/show with mouse movement
* BUGFIX: Fixed scrolling of comic list while inplace editing
* BUGFIX: Fixed group selection problem in book view
* BUGFIX: Fixed the "ask for filename" option in export comics
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