Calibre 0.7.38

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

New Features
* Reduce startup time when using a composite custom column
* Template language: Add a list_item function for use with tags like columns. See User Manual for details
* TXT Input: Attempt to detect the input encoding when not specified. Auto detect paragraph structure and formatting markup.
* Search & replace: Add ability to manipulate number and boolean columns.
* Add type ahead completion to the advanced search dialog.
Closes tickets: 8035 [External link]
* Double click on plugin in Preferences dialog to customize
Closes tickets: 8175 [External link]
* Allow customization of the SONY driver to send thumbnail to the device. Useful with newer SONY readers
Closes tickets: 8161 [External link]
* Smarten punctuation: Convert double dashes to em dashes. Preprocessing: Various tweaks

Bug Fixes
* Fix regression causing the template formatter to intepret a missing format letter as ERROR instead of 's'.
* Fix regression that broke conversion of PNG images in PDF files on OS X.
Closes tickets: 8215 [External link]
* Content server: Fix improper XML escaping of category titles in the OPDS feeds
Closes tickets: 8225 [External link]
* When decoding XML if the XML starts with a UTF-8 BOM decode as UTF-8. Fixes parsing of FB2 files with UTF-8 BOMs
* E-book viewer: When scrolling to a bookmark and the content is wider than the window, do not scroll in the horizontal direction
* E-book viewer: Fix next page skipping the bottom of chapters when the content is wider than the window.
Closes tickets: 8153 [External link]
* FB2 Output: Insert covers.
Closes tickets: 8172 [External link]
* Content server: When serving OPDS feeds handle html descriptions that have namespaced attributes.
Closes tickets: 7938 [External link]
* When downloading metadata from, download a maximum of 30 results rather than 1000
* Fix sorting of tags column
* Change search/replace to show commas instead of vertical bars as the separator for multiple authors
* Template language: Make all column names case insensitive
* Fix bug that prevent the Disabled option for Tag Browser partiotining from working in the Preferences dialog
* Fix bug when using tags like custom column in the template language
* Fix bug where composite custom columns using general_program_mode fields are not evaluated correctly when used in a template.
* ImageMagick interface: Don't crash when asked to open empty image files
* Kobo driver: Add TXT,CBZ,CBR to supported formats list
Closes tickets: 8124 [External link]
* Don't uneccessarily scroll the book list horizontally when re-selcting previously selected rows.

New news sources
* New London Day by Being
* Walla by marbs
* New Journal of Physics by Chema Cortes
* The Baltimore Sun by Josh Hall
* Arabian Business and Sunday Times (UK) by Darko Miletic
* Deia by Gerardo Diez
* Smarter Planet by Jack Mason

Improved news sources
* The Atlantic
* Danas
* Ledevoir
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