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Jarte is a WordPad based, FREE word processor whose unique interface will make you feel like you are piloting a swift, nimble yacht by comparison. Although Jarte doesn't look anything like the office word processor you are used to, it can handle your word processing tasks with aplomb. If this sounds like the kind of word processor you are looking for then maybe you owe it to yourself to give Jarte a try.

* Enhancements: Jarte's backup folder location can now be customized via advanced setting Backup Folder Path.
* Command New Plain Text is added which is the same as New except it creates a plain text document rather than a rich text document. New Plain Text is not accessible through Jarte's interface, but it can be assigned a shortcut key in Jarte Plus. New Plain Text is a slightly more efficient way of creating a plain text document than using New and then converting the new document to plain text.
* Jarte can now be run as a portable app directly from a CD (of course, Jarte can already be run from a USB flash drive).
* Jarte will automatically run as a portable app when installed to a DropBox folder. More information here.
* It is now possible to assign a negative number to the Start Page Number setting in Jarte's header and footer designer. This can be used to cause a page other than the first page to be numbered "Page 1" (preceeding pages are left unnumbered).
* New advanced setting Add to Bottom is now available for the Paste Board feature. The new setting is used to reverse the order of clips in the Paste Board (i.e., first clip first instead of first clip last).
* The Find Bar has new indicators "cs" and "ww" to remind the user when the "case sensitive" and "whole word" search options are enabled.
* Special text sequences {cr} and {tab} can now be used in the Jump to field of the Insert Hyperlink window. This allows carriage returns and tabs to be specified in the Jump to text. Note that {cr} and {tab} are already available for the Find Bar.
* Other smaller enhancements were also added.

* Bug Fixes: There were some instances of Jarte starting in screen reader mode when a real screen reader program was not present.

* Portions of Jarte's Clip List feature have been recoded to make it more robust. There had been occasional reports of Jarte crashing that were traced back to the Clip List feature even though users were not actively using the Clip List when the crashes occurred.
* If two "Replace All"s were performed on the same text selection then the second Replace All was applied to the entire document rather than just the text selection.
* Jarte Plus' split view display became distorted if the user tried to move the pane divider while the Jarte ruler was displayed.
* Jarte Plus would visibly scroll down through a project file looking for hyperlinks when a project file was opened. This was generally only noticeable for large project files, but is now cleaned up.
* The units of measure in the Tab Stops window did not reflect the correct units of measure if the user chosen units of measure was different than the default for the user's locale.
* The header/footer divider line, when specified, was not being printed on all pages.
* The "C" command line parameter did not work if Jarte was already running.
* The Go to Page and Go to Line features did not work properly when Jarte was running in screen reader mode.
* Printing a document whose left and right page margins were not equal on a duplex printer resulted in the left margin being too large on the even pages of the printout.
* There were situations where a file that was a copy of another file could still show the original file's name in the page header/footer line.
* If custom short keys Ctrl+D or Ctrl+T were assigned to features other than the dictionary feature and thesaurus features, respectively, then the assignments would revert back to the dictionary and thesaurus the next time Jarte Plus was started.
* There were cases where certain user defined buttons in the Quick Bar were disabled in situations where they should not have been.
* Spell checking for Dutch has been changed to allow the use of compound words as correct spellings.
* The incorrect URL was sometimes displayed when moving the mouse over a hyperlink that was immediately above, or immediately below, another hyperlink.
* If Save As was used to save a document created from a read-only template then the document continued to be treated as read-only until it was closed and reopened.
* The Jarte Plus PDF manual was formatted with too much white space unnecessarily increasing its size.
* Other minor bugs were also fixed.
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