RoboForm 7.1.8

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RoboForm password manager securely stores online and offline passwords on your desktop or laptop, automatically logs you into online accounts and completes online registration and checkout forms with one click.

* Firefox 4: fix browser integration and toolbar visibility persistence problems.
* Firefox 4 beta 10: fix version number compare.
* Firefox: fix opening multiple tabs at once shows toolbar only for the first tab.
* Firefox and Chrome: show correct RoboForm Adapter version in Addons/Extensions.
* Add RoboForm -> Sync menu for easy access to Sync functionality and sub-commands.
* Prohibit accented and foreign characters in RF Everywhere account password.
* New User Interface for Import and Export.
* Fix 'AutoLogoff on Standby or Hibernation' setting does not work on Vista and Windows 7.
* Fix rare crash when filling from mini-dialog after master password request.
* Better distinguish between RoboForm Desktop and Everywhere in version info and other places.
* Editor: fix Custom Fields tab was not scrolled correctly when fields are multiline.
* Chrome/Opera: added some fixes for accessing documents in IFrames.
* RoboForm Enterprise: fix online activation.
* Win32: avoid some complex windows using AA, to prevent crashes: iTunes, etc.
* Win32: fix attaching to password windows in Quicken 2009 and later.
* Win32: fix crash in attaching to Windows Presentation Foundation window.
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