Calibre 0.7.45

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.


New Features
* Add plugin to download series information from the Kent District Library
* Kindle driver: When uploading MOBI files to the device, upload page number information as well (used by the not yet released Kindle 3.1 firmware)
* When automatically sending news to device, send to main memory preferentially, if it has enough space.
Closes tickets: 8877 [External link]
* Allow customization of which metadata fields are searched by default (click the preferences icon next to the search box)
* New format TXTZ: which is a zip file containing the TXT file and associated images + metadata. calibre can convert to and from this format and read/write metadata to it.
* New option to control how automerge handles duplicate formats when adding books to your calibre library. See Preferences->Adding books
* Driver for Nokia X6, Nexus S, WiBook, MyTouch 4G and Huawei Ideos S7
* Nicer interface for editing tweaks
* Add tweak to remove yellow lines from edges of book list
* Completion: Restore adding of comma at end after completion for tags type fields. Add a tweak to control if an & is added after completion for author type fields
* Turn search as you type off by default for searching the book list. You can turn it on by clicking the preferences button next to the search bar.
* TXT Input: Add option to remove indents and fix bug where spaces were not retained properly.

Bug Fixes
* Fix a regression in 0.7.44 that could cause setting authors to fail in windows when the author name is very long
Closes tickets: 8797 [External link]
* E-book viewer: Fix bug that could cause the bottom of chapters to get cut-off if the topmost element had a large top margin.
Closes tickets: 8791 [External link]
* Fix regression that caused a spurious error message after moving a library. Also ensure that the entries in the Copy to Library menu are updated after a library is moved/renamed/deleted.
Closes tickets: 8905 [External link]
* PML Input: New handling of t and T tags. T's that do not start the line are ignored. t's that start and end the line use a margin for the text block
* News download: Remove all invalid ASCII control characters from article descriptions as they cause XML parsing to fail
* MOBI Output: Fix bug that was discarding non breaking spaces at the start of a paragraph when they were followed immediately by a tag.
Closes tickets: 4887 [External link]
* LIT Input: Fix a regression in handling LIT files that contain txt rather than html data
Closes tickets: 8904 [External link]
* Fix bug in search box in the plugins dialog
Closes tickets: 8882 [External link]
* Fix renaming of categories via the Tag Browser
Closes tickets: 8807 [External link]
* Content server: Do not send mobile version to iPad
Closes tickets: 8820 [External link]
* Fix undefined publication date appearing in book jacket as 101
Closes tickets: 8799 [External link]
* Heuristics: Fix issue with invalid markup from italicize patterns.
* TXT Input: De-hyphenate textile and markdown inpu as well. Fix inline toc not showing all items.
* RTF Input: More encoding token splitting fixes.
* Fix regression that broke the convenience Email to xxx entry in the connect share menu.
Closes tickets: 8775 [External link]
* Fix editing of series type custom columns in the book list.
Closes tickets: 8765 [External link]

New news sources
* by Ricardo Jurado
* Korespondent and Kopalnia Wiedzy by Attis
* Radio Prague by Francois Pellicaan
* Europa Press by Luis Hernandez
* Interoperability Happens and by Darko Miletic
* Weblogs SL by desUBIKado
* Kompas and Jakarta Post by Adrian Gunawan

Improved news sources
* El periodico de Aragon
* B92
* French Belgian news sources
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