Calibre 0.7.53

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

New Features
Email delivery: You can now specify a subject that calibre will use when sending emails per email account, configured in Preferences->Sending by email. The subject is a template of the same kind used in Save to Disk, etc. So you can specift the title/authors/series/whatever in the template.

Closes tickets: 743535 [External link]
Apple driver: When an iDevice is detected, inform the user about the Connect to iTunes method instead of trying to connect directly to the device, as the latter can be buggy. See [External link] ?t=127883 for details
SONY driver: Search for books on the device in all directories not just database/media/books. This can be turned off by customizing the SONY plugin in Preferences->Plugins
EPUB Output: Remove any margins specified via an Adobe page template in the input document. This means that the margins specified in calibre are more likely to be the actual margins used.
When reading metadata from filenames, allow publisher and published date to be read from the filename
Closes tickets: 744020 [External link]
Remove the option to show a second tool bar from Preferences->Look & Feel. Instead go to Preferences->Toolbars and add items to the second toolbar to control exactly what is visible there.
Closes tickets: 742686 [External link]
Add a tweak that can be used to have the calibre content server listen for IPv6 connections.
Closes tickets: 743486 [External link]
When clicking Next or Previous in the edit metadata dialog, then active book in the main book list is also changed
Closes tickets: 743533 [External link]
Remember the previously used setting for Match all/Match any under the Tag Browser when calibre restarts
Closes tickets: 743645 [External link]
FB2 Output: Option to set the FB2 genre explicitly.
Closes tickets: 743178 [External link]
Plugin developers: calibre now has a new plugin API, see Your existing plugins should continue to work, but it would be good to test them to make sure.

Bug Fixes
Fix text color in the search bar set to black instead of the system font color
Closes tickets: 746846 [External link]
Workaround for Word bug where Word uses gb2312 as the encoding when exporting CHinese docs to HTML istead of gbk
Closes tickets: 745428 [External link]
Make sorting on the device view faster and more robust.
Closes tickets: 742626 [External link]
E-book viewer: Fix viewer losing place in very long single file documents when window resized.
Closes tickets: 745001 [External link]
MOBI Output: Workaround for Amazon's MOBI renderer not rendering top margins on ul and ol tags.
Closes tickets: 744365 [External link]
EPUB Input: Workaround for invalid EPUBs produced by someone named 'ibooks, Inc.'.
Closes tickets: 744122 [External link]
RTF Input: Handle RTF files with too many levels of list nesting.
Closes tickets: 743243 [External link]

New news sources
Financieele Dagblad by marvin_2
Prost Amerika, WV Hooligan and SB Nation by rylsfan by Nudgenudge

Improved news sources
Irish Times
Folha de Sao Paulo
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