7Smoker Pro 1.5

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7Smoker Pro 1.5- 7Smoker Pro allows you to change various settings in the Windows Registry. These settings can improve the performance for your computer drastically. Our service manager allows you to use service presets to fine tune services without needing any knowledge. Vista Smoker Pro includes a One Button Autotuner that will tune your system to perfection based on your system's configuration. Simple for beginners. Powerful for experts. Compatible with Windows 7™ Service Pack 1 (SP1). Try it today for free! 7Smoker Pro is only $9.99 after the 7 day fully functional trial expires.
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Re: 7Smoker Pro 1.5
by Anonymous on Sunday, April 10 2011 @ 3:37 CEST
Kaspersky Internet Security says it contains software that may be used to compromise PC, denied.