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CleanMem itself is totally free. When you install CleanMem it will auto run every 15 min by the Windows Task Scheduler. Once installed it is set it and forget it. Just as it always has been. You can configure CleanMem to do more advanced things such as ignore lists, only lists, and log files. These can be set by the CleanMem Settings program in the start menu.

Moved system up time from the bottom of the window to the top menu. There a user can now decide how the program will pull the system up time. Default is GetTickCount API (49 Days Max) the other is by the Windows Performance Counters (No Max). The reason for the 2 options is for users who have disabled their performance counters and do not wish to turn them back on.
GetTickCount counts since system boot and includes suspends/hibernation time as well, but has the limit of going up to 49 days.
The performance counter only counts as windows is running and doesn't during suspends/hibernation, but doesn't have the 49 day limit.
Added new option to disable the bar fill graphic. This is for the users who want the monitor to be just pure text. Such as when using blending mode into the desktop.
Added new compact mode for the mini monitor. This will hide the text and the make the bar 50% smaller. Making a very nice small monitor that stays out of the way.
Add some pre made compact bar graphics to the setup.
Added new mini monitor start with windows options. You can now set the mini monitor to run at system startup for the current user or all users.
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