Calibre 0.7.56

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.


New Features
This is primarily a bug fix release that fixes a bug in 0.7.55 that caused calibre to rescan the files on the device every time the device is connected. If you updated to 0.7.55 it is highly recommended you update to 0.7.56
Device driver for Coby Kyros
Remove the quick access to search options from next to the search bar, as we now have a separate search highlights toggle button
MOBI Output: Ensure that MOBI files always have 8KB worth of null bytes at the end of record 0. This appears to be necessary for Amazon to be able to add DRM to calibre generated MOBI files sent to their publishing service.
Add a tool to inspect MOBI files. To use: calibre-debug -m

Bug Fixes
Fixed regression taht caused calibre to rescan files on the device on every reconnect
Fix donate button causing the toolbar to be too large on OS X
MOBI Input: Fix detection of Table of Contents for MOBI files that have a page break between the location designated as the Table of Contents and the actual table of contents.
Closes tickets: 763504 [External link]
Comic Input: Fix handling of some CBZ files that have wrongly encoded non ASCII filenames on windows.
Closes tickets: 763280 [External link]
PML Input: Fix multi-line chapter title causing a spurious page break
Closes tickets: 763238 [External link]
EPUB Input: Speed up processing of files with very large manifest/spines
Fix regression that broke cover:False searches in 0.7.55

Improved news sources
Suedduetsche Zeitung
Irish Times
Big Oven
Program Information

Tools and Utilities

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