Stickman 5.6 Beta

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Stickman & Elemento is the kind of animation software kids in all ages are dreaming about. It is not expensive, it is fun to use, and you can combine vector & images in cutout style with classical animation using GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. It covers all the learning curve from beginner to professional, is used by many schools, even for game development like ZombieSmash. The name "Stickman" comes from the first version where you could only animate stick figures. "Elemento" is a program where you build things from elements and connect them with actions. Elemento delivers the smoothest and most natural motion, by using simulation instead of inverse kinematics. Stickman interpolates keyframes in a smart way so you do not have to think about tangents. These two things save you a lot of time and it makes your animation look good.
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