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GB-PVR is a mature, robust, full-featured Personal Video Recorder (PVR) or Media Center which runs on Microsoft Windows. It's main function is scheduling tv recording and watching live tv, but it can also playback a wide variety of media types across music, videos and photos. The application is made even more useful with a wide range of plugins available, providing features like weather, music jukeboxes, netflix etc

GB-PVR supports the latest technologies, including ATSC/ClearQAM/DVB-C/DVB-T/DVB-S capture devices, high definition MPEG2 and H.264 television channels, media extenders (Popcorn Hour, Hauppauge MediaMVP etc), multidec support, multi-record (recording multiple digital channels with one tuner), etc.

- fixed an issue with VMR9/VMR7 aspect ratio
- fixed a couple of PC client issues (rough channel changes in live tv, sometimes hanging when stopping).
- fixed a bug that could cause high network utilisation when streaming to client PC.
- fixed issue with 'HDPVR IR Blaster' option.
- fixed a QAM scanning issue.
- added 'VMR9 Custom' renderer option.
- added ability to get DVB listing from another device. For example, you might get tv listing for an DVB-C or analog channel, from a DVB-S device in the same machine (even if the channel isnt listed on the DVB-S capture source)
- fixed a problem with manual recurring 'any channel' recordings.
- fixed a schedule direct problem when multiple lineups of the same name exist.
- fixed a problem with custom screen savers being forgotten
- fixed a database lock error that could occur when recordings are renamed from .ts to other extensions.
- added ability to press 'Play' key on recording and have it play without the popup.
- added an 'already watched' indicator on the Recordings screen, along with an 'unwatch' button for clearing it
- improved reporting of zero byte recordings.
- added workaround for incorrect service type marking on the BBCi channels
- added support for schedules direct unique identifier for avoiding duplicates
- added support for xmltv for avoiding duplicates
- fixed a problem with skipping past the end of listings in the tv guide, then skipping back
- showing a warning in the settings screen if DirectX runtime not found. Too many people are using software rendering, not realising.
- added ability to have channels associated with different inputs on the HDPVR
- added a "Record All Episodes, All Channels" option when scheduling recordings from the TV Guide.
- added ability to press 0-9 keys to jump through the recordings list (ie '8' will go 80% of the way through the list). The video/music/picture library already had this feature.
- fixed a problem with the droid font not being installed for default skin
- added logic to remember and restore the last aspect ratio mode.
- added ability to switch video into Inset window (on PC), while user continues to browse menus.
- fixed a bug that could cause one-off recordings to not be highlighted red in the TV Guide after updating the EPG.
- added support for having stored as a separate file, which will help users that are using FAT32 filesystems, or storing on a NAS.
- added ability to type 4 digit times into the manual recording start/end times. Unfortunately it doesnt give you any visual indication until you've typed the 4th digit. I'll try to correct this cosmetic in the future to make it more user friendly. It is usable as-is though.
- fixed a problem that could cause missing listings when one schedules direct channel's listings was mapped to multiple NPVR channels.
- added Hauppauge Colossus HDPVR support (the PCIe version of the HDPVR).
- added LC-AAC audio compatibility.
- fixed a problem where machine could go to slep while listening to music.
- added support for tv episode nfo files generated by Ember Media Manager
- added basic fanart support in Video Library
- added support ScreenSaverStart.bat/ScreenSaverStop.bat batch files
- added basic 'Find All' popup that can be used to find shows with the same name
- fixed problem which would cause app to switch into inset mode when resizing the window
- changed the behaviour when pressing Play on [..] in VideoLibrary. Now queues and plays all videos in the directory, in least recently watched order.
- fixed a bug in Recordings screen that could lead to PC staying awake.
- added the duration in minutes to the popup, and the period in the selected show metadata in the tv guide.
- added PlayVideoFile() method which takes metadata as a parameter
- fixed a problem where some recordings would continue to grow during the post-padding period, even though the tuner had switched to another frequency (which just happened to have a channel with same PIDs).
- added a setting (in Settings->Recording) to control whether recurring recordings do an exact title match, or match the start of title. There seems to be conflicting views on how it behaves, so added the setting to put an end to it.
- fixes to @hasImage/@isFolderWithNoPreviewImage skin settings in the Music Library
- fixed a problem where ACTIVATE_PLUGIN event could give slightly different parameters on MVP/NMT vs PC.
- now easier for users to select to use a vertical menu version of the default skin. Admittedly, the vertical menu is pretty plain looking.
- added a checkbox on the decoder screen to 'only include mapped audio decoders for .ts playback', which will help some people with stuttering audio caused by multiple audio decoders/renderers when playing recordings
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